Who Am I?

I am a simple mom from the suburbs of Chicago. I absolutely adore my husband and 4 children. I have a background in early childhood and when I unexpectedly stopped working, I tried to find a way to continue to share my love for it. While being home, I quickly discovered this new phenomenon of mom shaming. I wanted to be real with people and show them that struggling as a new or seasoned mom is totally normal and completely okay.

When I lost my job, my husband and I took a huge look at our finances. We realized how much money we were spending on going out to eat or grabbing food on the way home from work. It was the #1 place we needed to cut back. I began scouring Pinterest for recipes that were easy and that I could put together quickly. I created my Facebook group to store and review recipes. I also began meal planning and it just came so easy to me. Slowly but surely, I became everyone’s “go to” for meal planning.

I’m the last person to judge someone, as you’d quickly see from one view of my living room as you notice the endless amounts of dirty diapers that pile up everywhere. I do not clean and can think of 1,000 other things I’d rather be doing.

After my kids go to bed, you can find me on the couch with my husband eating an obnoxious amount of ice cream and feeling zero guilt for it.

The name of my blog stems from my parenting style. I’m a mess. But I always tell people I have my life (and now my kids) “mostly under control,” which is sometimes all we can ask for in this wild ride.

I have the best husband who supports every single crazy idea that pops into my head – because I pretty much act on almost all of them, even though I shouldn’t.

I am far from graceful and carry loads of awkwardness.

Things I love:
-Snuggling with my kids
-My kids and husband
-Million dollar ideas (because I have a lot)

Things I don’t love:
-When my kids grow up
-Small purses
-Things with more than 4 legs that I did not invite into my house

Please feel free to contact me using my contact form below if you have any questions, suggestions, whatever! Visit my Etsy store for my organizational systems.

Have so much fun looking around!