Who Am I?

In short, I’m a mom who is here to show you that you can give your kids boxed mac and cheese 3 times and it’s okay. You can let them sit in front of a screen and they will turn out just fine – as long as you make them stop to eat. 😉

The name of my blog stems from my parenting style. I’m a mess. But I always tell people I have my life (and now my kids) “mostly under control,” which is sometimes all we can ask for in this wild ride.

I have the best husband who supports every single crazy idea that pops into my head – because I pretty much act on almost all of them, even though I shouldn’t.

I am far from graceful and carry loads of awkwardness.

Things I love:
-Snuggling with my kids
-My kids and husband
-Million dollar ideas (because I have a lot)

Things I don’t love:
-When my kids grow up
-Small purses
-Things with more than 4 (or more) legs that I did not invite into my house
-Having to organize

Please feel free to contact me using my contact form below if you have any questions, suggestions, whatever! I absolutely love to create custom orders through my Etsy shop and I have done tons.

Have so much fun looking around!