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Hang on – do you have 5 more minutes?

Are you tired of scouring Pinterest all day for sensory bin ideas, only to lose where you put them all? (I know that’s where you found me and that’s where you’re about to go…)

Then when you find them, you’re busy closing pop ups and reading stories that seem irrelevant to you?

How about feeling frustrated because you can’t find bin ideas that work for all of your kids?

Sound familiar? I get it! This is exhausting. It takes more effort to find the dumb bin ideas than it does to set it up and play.  Then you’re breaking up fights because your 2 year old wants the same bin as the 4 year old.

This is exactly why I created the…

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This sensory activities playbook (digital OR hard copy is available!) will help you:

  • Stop wasting time on Pinterest gathering sensory bin ideas that (let’s be honest) you will likely never get back to in time
  • Simplify the sensory bin process
  • Learn what to keep on hand for quick sensory activities
  • Take advantage of some down time while you finish your hot coffee while your kids are busy
  • Feel confident in sensory play at home

The sensory bin activities playbook was created for the frustrated, easily distracted mom.

You have 50 sensory bin ideas RIGHT AT YOUR FINGERTIPS for kids ages 3 months – 6 years.

“This sensory activities playbook takes the guesswork and incessant searching out of sensory play. I no longer have to dig through Pinterest and get lost in a dark hole looking for sensory bin ideas. They’re organized by season and age which is awesome. My 4 and 5 year olds can work on the same bin but with age appropriate items and they’re not fighting over one bin. It’s going to make the cold winter feel so much easier.”

SAHM of 3

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What’s in it? It’s a 27 page digital download (so, immediate access!) that includes:

  • 50 sensory bag/bin ideas for kids ages 3 months – 6 years organized by season
  • A supply list for each age group
  • Similar (almost identical) bin set ups so kids can be working on the same bin
  • Learning enhancements if you want to challenge your kids a bit
  • 1-2 supply quick table activities
  • Skills kids can touch on during sensory play
  • Tips and tricks for sensory play
  • Hard copy is available also!

This sensory bin playbook was created by Melanie & Stefine – 2 moms with a combined 6 kids. Melanie & Stefine are real moms who have real struggles like you. They have backgrounds in early childhood and have spent years planning sensory bins in the classroom. They also know what works and what doesn’t. They have a passion for things like this!

We want to see you spending more time doing productive things and not searching Pinterest until the end of time. TAKE ACTION and GET BACK YOUR TIME! Grab your sensory activities playbook TODAY!

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