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paper dice with animal actions printed on each side

Free Printables

  • Animal Action Dice
    • Use this video to put the dice together! Great for large motor activities when you’re stuck inside.
  • The Ultimate List of Sensory Bin Filler Ideas
    • This may be what you already grabbed when you signed up for my list. But if not, here it is.
  • Alphabet blocks
    • Do you have a kiddo who loves blocks? Print these out and attach them to his/her large stacking blocks so they are exposed to the letters and pictures.
  • 50 Household Items you can use to Paint
    • I am willing to bet you have most, if not all, of these items in your house already! Hand then off with some paint and a piece of paper.
  • Dialogic Reading
    • Here are some prompts for you to read and talk with your kiddos while reading books with them.
  • First and Last Day of School Printable
    • Have a kiddo that is starting preschool? Check out this fun printable to remember their likes and dislikes at the beginning and end of school
  • Father’s Day Printable
    • A fun questionnaire to use for your kiddos for Father’s Day.
  • Scissor Skills
    • Practice your scissor skills! Printables for cutting for kids ages 2-5.
  • Sensory Bin Filler Ideas
    • A huge list of sensory bin fillers – separated by age.
  • Play Dough Mats
    • Practice looking at words and numbers while your kids play with play dough with these free play dough mats. Includes the whole alphabet and numbers 1-10.

Blog Posts


  • I-Spy bag with letters
    • Super simple activity to make at home – helps kiddos learn to recognize letters and if they’re ready, start to learn the sounds the letters make.
  • Homemade play dough
    • This play dough is edible – just in case 😉
  • DIY Felt Monsters for felt board play
    • If you have a felt board (which is also easy to make and I walk you through it in this post), this is a great activity to keep kids busy.
  • 6+ Sensory Bins with items all from the dollar store
    • So many ideas here! You’ll see pictures that go along with all of the bin combinations.
  • Foam and water play on glass
    • All it takes is foam pieces (either purchased already cut or cut them up yourself from foam sheets), some water and a glass back door or window.
  • Literacy and Number activities with foam shapes
    • The Dollar Tree always makes foam shapes each season/holiday. So even though I did these with shamrocks for St. Patrick’s Day, you can use it from any shape.
  • Letter writing flip book
    • To work with kiddos who are learning to write. A dry erase type activity.
  • Baby Sensory Board
    • You’ll need to stock up on the plastic flip top lids from wipes containers and possibly make a trip to the fabric store, but my daughter loved this activity when she was a baby.
  • Pipe Cleaner Fishing
    • Another super easy 1 supply activity – pipe cleaners!
  • Sensory play with hair gel
    • Another favorite activity of my daughter when we were working on standing up. Tape these bags to your back door and you’re working on standing up without them even knowing!
  • Baby Sensory Water Bag
    • My daughter was one of those babies who hated tummy time. But when I gave her this sensory water bag, it was like she didn’t even realize she was on her tummy!
  • Dinosaur Ice Fossils
    • Great activity for young and older kids. My daughter was an infant and we could explore ice and my oldest was able to chip away at the ice to get the plastic dinosaurs out.
  • DIY Glitter Slime
    • Another DIY sensory activity for home!
  • Paint Swatch Number Activity
    • You know those paint swatches you can grab at the hardware/home improvement store? Grab some for free and then grab some glass stones from the dollar store to work on numbers.
  • Ice cube painting
    • Food coloring and water – let it freeze with a popsicle stick and you have a fun painting sensory activity. This is another one that is great for infants to explore as well.
  • 2 ingredient moon sand
    • Another great sensory activity with 2 simple ingredients. Baby oil and flour.
  • Alphabet Blocks
    • Super simple activity is great for kids who love to play with blocks and you feel like you struggle with getting them to learn letters. It includes a printable with letters and pictures you can attach to the blocks so they are at least seeing them while playing.
  • Sensory Bottles from the Dollar Store
    • A great infant sensory activity! We made these 2 years ago and still use them.
  • Sensory Sniffing Jars
    • A little bit of a different sensory experience – this one is using your sense of smell.
  • Sensory bin ideas – all from the dollar store
    • Another huge list of sensory bin fillers!
  • Sensory Balloons
    • Sensory balloons are great for adults, too. Ha! They’re like stress balls. I picked up all the supplies at the dollar store.
  • Valentine’s Day Large Motor Play
    • Another activity that can be switched around depending on the season.
  • Easy Valentine’s Day Activity
    • As above, another activity that can be changed based on what you can find at the dollar store. This is a number and letter activity!
  • Toddler Sorting Activity
    • Simple set up – your toddler can even help you set it up!
  • Animal Action Dice
    • A printable of a dice where you can roll it and act out what shows up.
  • Sidewalk Chalk games
    • Stay active and learning this summer with these easy sidewalk chalk games.
  • Toddler I-Spy bag
    • A great quick activity to put together for toddlers – that even includes ideas to help your older kids play, too.


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