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This listing is for the digital file of one month!

Get your life mostly under control with this mom system and planner.

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This listing is for the digital file of one month!

Do you find yourself:

  • Losing your temper with your kids more than you’d like to admit?
  • Feeling like your to-do list is never freaking ending?
  • Getting frustrated with your spouse when he/she does a whole shit ton of nothing to help?
  • Scrolling through social media instead of tackling your to do list or hanging out with your kids, then feeling guilty about it later?
  • Feeling like your kids don’t ever listen and that’s why you don’t enjoy hanging out with them all the time?

Then you may feel like you are BURNED OUT.

What is contributing to mom burn out? (I’m going to send some tough love your way…)

  • Our unrealistic expectations of our kids (stick with me here).
  • Poor communication with our spouses and support system.
  • Other peoples’ unrealistic expectations of us.
  • Our unrealistic expectations of ourselves.
  • Our poor use of time.

We (humans – not just moms) are NOT made to do all the things. It’s just not possible. The expectations of moms are way too high. People set the bar at an unreachable height. Anyone who is telling you that they do all the things is mistaken or they’re lacking in the “treat yourself” area.  This “way too high bar setting” is what is creating all of this mom burn out.

When I had my twins (children numbers 3 and 4), I started to notice that my temper would get very short with all of my kids. I realized that it was the worst when I knew I had a million things to do. So I decided to figure out a way to prioritize my to-do list and write. It. down. But not just on a piece of paper. I needed sections. I need task by task. I needed to break it all down. Once I started seeing it on paper, I was more inclined to carve out the time because it seemed easier.

I realized that my kids weren’t poorly behaved – I wasn’t paying enough attention to them because I was too busy trying to do random tasks throughout the day OR avoiding these random tasks by zoning out on my phone at the worst times. It wasn’t my kids – it was ME.

Kids want and need attention, period. Some (my 4 year old) will even settle for negative attention (enter: doing bad things to get a reaction or because they think it’s the only way they’ll get your attention).

Let me give you the tools to fix how you’re feeling. Because it sucks – I’ve been there. 

My mostly under control mom system and planner will help you:

  • Carve out some “down time” to get simple tasks done.
  • Prioritize your to-do list so you can get it done during that time.
  • Break down your larger tasks into smaller tasks to make it more manageable.
  • Finish your task list so you can actually enjoy your time with your kids.
  • Not feel like time with your kids is wasted time.
  • Communicate effectively to get help from your support system.

Come on! Let’s get this mostly under control.


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