Fall Sensory Bins

It’s almost fall time! When I taught, I liked to add items to sensory bins that went along with the season. I put together a list for you of fall sensory bins and what you can add into them. Leave me a comment if I left some out!

Infant Play – Keeping your Infant Engaged

Infants need play! That’s where infant play comes in. A lot of people don’t realize how much you can actually play with your infant. There are tons of activities to do with your infant and they don’t require spending tons of money on fancy toys! I have put together some simple ones with stuff you […]

Play Dough Mats – Alphabet

Play dough mats are a great way to manipulate dough into shapes and also learn a little bit during the process. They’re a great activity for kids who like to learn with their sense of touch. Here is a printable for you with letters of the alphabet and numbers!

Sensory Bin Tools to Keep on Hand

Ah, sensory play! Most people don’t realize how easy it really is, especially if you keep a handful of sensory bin tools on hand. Here is a great list of sensory bin tools that are easily accessible (you probably have most of them already) and can work in many different types of sensory bins for […]

Sensory Balloons

Sensory balloons – otherwise known as stress balls – are a great addition to sensory play. You can mold, squish and manipulate them. I love when my kids bust them out because they’re a great stress reliever for me, too!

Sensory Sniffing Jars

Smelling jars are a great way to allow your child to explore their sense of smell. We love sensory activities in our house, but often times we forget about the sense of smell. These smelling jars are so easy to put together and can be played with anywhere. If you are a regular reader around […]

Sensory Bottles from The Dollar Store

Sensory bottles are amazing toys for infants learning about hand eye coordination and discovering the world around them. These bottles can all be made from items at the dollar store and their thin design is perfect for little hands.     Sensory bottles are a great way to keep tiny items contained while little hands […]

Baby Sensory Water Bag

Babies love to explore. Check out this very easy activity you can do for them – a baby sensory water bag. It only uses a few supplies and works on a lot of skills for baby.