Meal Planning Monday – Mini Corn Dog Bites

Dylan loves hot dogs. Go ahead, judge me. I love them also. When we go to Portillo’s, he orders 2 and eats them, with fries. True story, the other day, my sister had him for the day and we were planning on having mac and cheese for dinner. Well while he was gone, I decided […]

Meal Planning Monday – Watermelon Yogurt Popsicles

I hate wasting food. Like, despise it. So when I see something is going to go bad soon in our fridge (mostly fruits and vegetables) I scramble for an idea to preserve it and keep it longer. Most of the time that means cooking and freezing or just freezing. We have tons of frozen pureed […]

Meal Planning Monday – Stuffed Peppers

When Dan and I got married, I fancied myself quite the chef. But looking back, I never seasoned my food enough (except for the great Valentine’s Day pork chop fail that we still talk about – so much salt). I made stuffed peppers pretty often, but again, did not season them enough. I was always […]

Meal Planning Monday – Calzones

We rely on leftovers a lot in our house. Dan takes them to work for lunch and we always have a leftover night during the week – usually Thursday or Friday. We are also in Chopped mode this week for meals – my description of trying to clear everything out of the pantry, fridge and […]

Meal Planning Monday – Garlic Knots

I LOVE BREAD. AND BUTTER. So put them together and it is a match made in Heaven. Almost as good as peanut butter and chocolate. Ok, maybe they’re on the same level. One for sweet and one for savory. Anyway. One night we had pasta for dinner and I really wanted garlic bread. I am […]

Meal Planning Monday – Brownie Surprise!

I am wondering how many extra people decided to read this because of the phrase “brownie surprise?” It’s probably not the surprise in a brownie some of you are used to 😉 It is no surprise that I love peanut butter and chocolate. I crave it all the time and it is probably the reason […]