Meal Planner Notebook

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But before you go, ARE YOU TIRED of never knowing what’s for dinner or scrambling for some semblance of a meal at 4pm?
Not anymore with this 52 page weekly meal planner notebook!

meal planner notebook
“It (Melanie’s notebook and system) basically forced me to meal plan because I was out of excuses on why I didn’t do it. Everything was there and simple! It has also helped our grocery budget because everything is now planned AND ingredients written out.”

Twin mom

Are you ready to…

  • Stop spending hours at the grocery store every other day?
  • Stop spending your kids’ college savings on going out to eat because you don’t know what’s for dinner?
  • Give yourself more time during your already busy days?
  • Stop overbuying at the grocery store and ending up with 17 bottles of ketchup you don’t need?
  • Plan an entire week’s worth of meals in just 20 minutes?

Then this meal planner notebook is FOR YOU.

YES! I need it!

This meal planning notebook will save you time, money and (most importantly) sanity. With 52 pages, it will last you an entire year.

When I was pregnant with my daughter and my son was 2.5, I unexpectedly lost my job. With sheer panic in our eyes, my husband and I took a look at our finances and decided that food was where we could cut. We were spending an outrageous amount (about $300) on going out to eat – for 3 of us! I also was at the grocery store at least 2 times a week, pacing the aisles and grabbing the same stuff for the same 5 meals.

I started planning out our meals and doing monthly grocery trips. Now that I have 4 kids and we’re still on one income, I shop weekly.  This isn’t JUST a notebook. It’s a system that will help you plan a week’s worth of meals in just 20 minutes. 

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Yep! I need this!

“This meal planner is super functional. I love that it has spots to plan out breakfasts, lunches and snacks, in addition to dinner for the week. And there’s tons of room to plan out groceries, which helps me better track what we have in the house so I don’t overbuy.”

Kerry J
Working mom of 2

Here is what you will get from meal planning with this notebook and system….

  • More time to spend with your family, by yourself (whatever, I don’t judge)
  • More saved money because you’re going to the store less AND you have a plan
  • Less constant annoying questions like “what’s for dinner?” “What are we having tomorrow?” “When can we have X?”

You will no longer…

  • Feel stressed AF when someone asks you what’s for dinner
  • Waste anymore money on 17 bottles of ketchup that you DO NOT NEED
  • Worry about how much unnecessary time you’re spending on planning ALL THE MEALS for your family (seriously though, why do they require so much?)

Meal planner notebook specs

  • This notebook is 8.5 x 11, single sided pages – leaving room for notes about your meal plan so you can look back and see who enjoyed the meals
  • It includes a freezer meal inventory page, a directions page on how to make your meal plan and a go-to list page so you can list family favorites to pull from when you’re stuck
  • 52 pages, so this meal planner notebook will last you at least an entire year
  • Each page also has room to list breakfasts, lunches and snack ideas
  • A categorized grocery list each week that can easily be torn out to take with to the store
  • Reminders at the end of the notebook that it’s time to order another!

“It (the notebook and system) gave me a list of go-to meals when I can’t think of what to fox or don’t feel like cooking. It also put my grocery list in categories, and helped me menu plan when I have little motivation to do so – no excuses! If I get stuck, I can look back at previous weeks for ideas.”

Laura B
Another busy mom

Why did I wait so long?

Who is this chick?

Excellent question. Melanie is a stay at home twin mom with 4 kids. She is no stranger to chaos and is quickly learning how to manage it all. With a meal planning group of over 3,000 members, Melanie knows how to keep meal planning mostly under control.