Communicating Effectively with your Spouse Workshop

November workshop

Who is Melanie?

Melanie is a stay home twin mom to 4 kids. With her early childhood degree, education in breastfeeding and experience as a mom, she helps guide other moms (in a non judgmental tone) through some of parenting’s toughest journeys and will keep you laughing the whole way. She knows what it’s like to be exhausted and at the end of her rope.

All pre launch purchases include a FREE 15 minute consultation!

Who will benefit from this workshop?

Anyone who feels they need to strengthen their communication with their spouse or significant other. If you’re feeling distant from them or feel like you just can’t seem to get through to each other.

In this communicating effectively with your spouse workshop, you will learn...

  • Give you effective wording so your husband doesn’t feel so butthurt when you need something
  • Give you tools to be able to effectively communicate with each other
  • Teach you how to appreciate each other and show that appreciation to each other
  • And so much more!

*Communicating effectively with your spouse Q&A is on Wednesday, November 18th at 8:30PM, CST and will be held via Printables and audio will be released on November 1st.

Stressed out mom, need a bundle? The Mom Life Workshop bundle is 4 for the price of 3 and includes...

  • Meal Planning (6/1 – Live Q&A 6/17)
  • Mom Overwhelm (10/1 – Live Q&A on 10/14)
  • Communicating Effectively with your spouse (11/1 – Live Q&A on 11/18)
  • Me Time (12/1 – Live Q&A on 12/16)