2022 Summer Clothes for Mom

First, I’d like to apologize for my awkwardness in photos. I’ve never done this before, please be nice to me.

For reference, I am a super non fancy size med/large usually. I am about 5’3” and weigh approximately 150 pounds.

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Tank top Amazon finds

Woman standing in front of a mirror with a black tank top on with colorful stripes

I like this one, but the stripes are sewn in (so it’s technically 5 pieces sewn together) and you can feel the seam. If you are sensitive to sensory stuff like that, wear a tank under it or don’t buy it! This is a size medium and the style was “A color black.”

This one I had last year but it was a victim to the crayon in washer incident last year (IYKYK). It is a size large and is one of my favorites for the summer. The style is “B Gray Striped.”

Definitely a keeper. It is soft, stretchy and so comfortable. It is a size medium and the style is called “B Black.”

This one is ribbed which I am not a huge fan of so I will probably return it. I liked the buttons at the top! It is a size medium and the style is “Green&white&black.”

Pj finds

These are super comfy and I want to keep them so badly but I don’t need new pjs. The drawstring is functional which I love. They’re soft and would be very great for sleeping! These are a size medium and the style is “Lake Green.”


This one is too big for sure – the buttons are functional which was kind of annoying but I think if it were the right size for me, it would be super cute. This is a size large and the color is “A-orange.”

I am obsessed with this dress and it is a fucking keeper. It has pockets, is super soft and I love it. I will return and get a smaller size (this is a large, I have a lot of room in it) but it will be a staple this summer for sure. Style is “reverse rainbow-grey.”


Another really cute style. The sleeves aren’t really capped like in the photo but it works. It’s comfortable and would be great for pjs too. It also has pockets! The drawstring is not functional. This is a size medium, color “01-rust.”

This is pretty see through. If you get this one, I recommend a darker color. Would be great for pjs also – haha. Has pockets and a functional drawstring. Size med, color “light blue.”

That is my summer amazon haul for moms! Super comfortable clothes because life is too short for clothes that don’t feel great.