Why You Need A Sunday Reset As A Mom

The Sunday Reset Routine is a must in my house. I want to talk to you about why it’s important and how to implement it in your home!

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What is a Sunday Reset?

A Sunday reset is where you sit down, uninterrupted and plan your week ahead. It allows you to prepare for the week and know what to expect.

You use it to prepare yourself physically, mentally and organizationally for the week. You’re “resetting” from the weekend and getting ready for the week.

Some Sunday routines blog posts will tell you to tidy up your space or meditate. That’s not happening here! I’m going to show you how to prepare your week on paper.

What are the benefits of preparing for your week?

Planning your week on Sunday will allow you to be prepared for the week. This will really reduce stress and anxiety about what to expect. It will also allow you to have much better time management because you can see what’s ahead and how much time you’ll need to get necessary tasks done.

You can prioritize your tasks so you know you’re spending your time most effectively. Finally, you can have a sense of control of your week which can be so difficult get a hold of.

Preparing for the week ahead can really help calm the mind and the brain!

As mothers, especially stay at home moms, this is so important to avoid surprises coming up in the week. Sitting down and writing it all out brings it to the front of your mind.

How do I know I need a Sunday reset routine?

You’ll know you need to start preparing for your week if:

  • You’re forgetting parts of your week (important or unimportant).
  • You’re trying to cram too many things into one day.
  • You’re not prepared for dinner.
  • You’re feeling the Sunday Scaries.

All of these things can be avoided completely by preparing for the week ahead.

My Sunday Reset Routine

  • I block out about an hour every Sunday (I do it on Saturday if we are busy Sunday) to sit down with my phone calendar and my paper planner.
  • My husband will take the kids out of the house or we’ll turn on a movie for them.
  • I copy down everything from my phone calendar into my planner: appointments, meetings, workout class, daycare/preschool.
  • Then, I list the meals we’ll be having for dinner and add if I need to take meat out or prep something.
  • Next, I list off the tasks I want to accomplish for work and put them on their appointed days (working on the online shop Monday and Tuesday and then writing on Wednesday and Thursday).
  • Finally, I figure out where my self-nurture is coming in for my week. I wake up early every morning to have alone time but also try to get in out of the house time.

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What do I do on Sundays to prepare for my week ahead?

I’ve created a Sunday reset checklist for you! You’re going to grab a weekly calendar and make sure you include all the things going on so you don’t forget anything. (Screenshot the steps below to help you!) Here are some Sunday reset ideas:

  • Events/appointments/weekly stuff: Add events, appointments and weekly things that you can’t change, These are the things you have to work around. Don’t forget: garbage day, school/work off holidays, etc.
  • Meals: Make notes of meals, snacks, etc. Does anything need to be pulled out of the freezer the day before?
  • Communication: Phone calls, texts, emails, doctor appointments. Any friends that need a check in?

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  • Errands: What errands do you have to run this week? Return something? Pick up groceries? Post office runs?
  • Self-nurture: What are you doing to really nurture yourself this week? This is not optional. This is also not showering, eating meals, etc. How are you spending time on yourself? Daily reading, work out class, dinner/lunch with a friend, movie by yourself, skipping out on bedtime routine with the kids, etc.
  • Cleaning: If you’re a person who needs or wants to be on a cleaning schedule, this is where you’ll outline that.
  • Self-Maintenance: Shower/hair washing day, face treatments, daily vitamins, meds, make your bed, etc.

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  • Daily habit: Is there a daily habit you’d like to keep up? Vitamins, meds, setting up your coffee for the next day, clearing the sink of dishes, etc.
  • Big projects: Are there any big projects you’re trying to get done this week?
  • Brain dump: Take about 10 minutes to brain dump anything else that you may need to add – any thoughts that have been taking up space in your head.
  • Delegate: I know there are things on this to-do list that can be handed off to other people: partner, relative, kids, etc.

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