7 Ways to Make Your Motherhood Easier

All moms want to make motherhood easier, right? Right. We’ve already accepted the fact that we aren’t going to make motherhood EASY, so we’re focusing on making it EASIER.

7 ways to make your motherhood easier with a photo of an african american baby and her mother, both dressed in white and the mother is kissing the baby's cheek

Before we dive into this, you need to know a few things:

One, this article isn’t filled with a bunch of useless “mom hacks.” I actually really hate that phrase because you’re not “hacking motherhood.” There are no hacks and some of these mom hacks honestly require us to remember to do something. Nobody needs that.

Two, my actual definition of motherhood is the relationship you have with your child, not the chores and upkeep it required to keep a house in order and maintain a schedule. However, for all intents and purposes, we’re going to address the overarching idea of motherhood and include both.

Making Motherhood Easier

  1. Prioritize yourself: This is one tip that often gets overlooked way too much. You cannot pour from an empty cup and you cannot help others before you help yourself. Find some true quality me time to fill your cup before filling theirs.
  2. Reassess your standards: Does the laundry really need to be done every day? Does the living room really need to be vacuumed every day? Do you really need to nag your 10 year old to make his bed every single morning? These are things that can be reassessed and adjusted. Adjusting your standards is going to make motherhood easier for you and everyone around you.
  3. Implement routines: Routines are the way we stay consistent with things and they’re especially helpful with kids. Kids hate surprises. Most adults I know hate them, too. So start implementing routines in your day to day for you and the kids and it will start to feel automatic. (Related post: The Daily Routine That Saves My Sanity As A Mom)
  4. Weekly Sunday reset: I cannot function in my week without a weekly Sunday reset. I sit down at my computer or on the couch and fill in my planner from my phone calendar all the events and to dos for the following week. Sometimes my husband takes the kids out of the house for this and sometimes I just turn on a movie. (Related Post: Why You Need A Sunday Reset As A Mom)
  5. Focus on time management: AKA, Stop phone scrolling. This is the biggest waste of time and cutting mindless things like this down (not out) will help make motherhood easier as well. Bonus, you stop seeing the perfectly curated social media moms.
  6. Find your “team”: There are so many people in my life that help me through motherhood. Find your good friends and keep them!
  7. Delegate tasks: Start taking things off of your plate. Society keeps telling us that to get out of our “slump,” we need self-care but truly, to get out of our overwhelm, we need less shit to do.

When does Motherhood get easier?

This is such a hard question to answer. One mother could tell you it’s never easier and one could tell you it’s always been easy. It is so relative to your specific situation and temperament.

The thing is, it doesn’t necessarily get easier; the problems get different and things get less hard, if that makes sense.

So, while we’re on this motherhood journey, it’s important to remember that your current struggles won’t be your struggles forever.

Why is Motherhood so hard?

In my opinion, motherhood is so hard because society makes us feel like it should be hard. Motherhood in itself (connecting with kids, spending quality time with kids, etc) isn’t hard on the surface.

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The hard part of motherhood is figuring out how to manage a family, home and job while also doing the above things with our kids.

So tell me in the comments, how do you make your motherhood easier? And don’t forget to share your useful mom hacks 😉

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