10 Daily Me Time For Moms Ideas

Ahh, Me Time for Moms. The elusive concept. But what if I told you it absolutely is possible and can be done every single day? (And SHOULD be done every single day!)

What is “Me Time?”

In a past life, this would have been a sarcastic question for me but I want to clarify what I mean by “me time” before giving you ideas.

Me time is time you can take for yourself when the kids are home. Ok, I know what you’re thinking – “well you just made this sound even more impossible.” But if you keep reading, I’ll tell you when you can get it done during the day!

Me Time for moms is NOT basic hygiene. It’s not showering, going to the bathroom, eating meals, etc.

Me Time for Moms is Imperative

Listen, when you’re about to lose it with your kids, chances are if you stopped and assessed how well you’ve been taking time for yourself lately, it’s going to be very slim.

Taking that me time for yourself will really help recharge your battery and give your “patience rope” a little more length. It helps tide you over until you can get that deep, out-of-the-house break.

Is Me Time for Moms Possible?

Yes! You have to be creative and realistic about what’s possible. Let’s break it down using my 3 step clarity framework…

Motherhood Uncomplicated: A 3-Step Straightforward Clarity Framework

There are 3 steps to simplifying solutions in motherhood and we’re going to apply them to this – me time for moms – before we decide on what and how we can spend our me time as moms.

Realistic Expectations: You have to be realistic when trying to decide how to get me time for yourself and what you can do. If you have preschoolers, you’re not going to be able to set them up with an activity and expect them to sit for an hour while you read your book. Realistically speaking, how long can your kids stay occupied so you can get your me time?

(Annoying) Mindset: I hate mindset, I really do. But sometimes it’s important to assess this. Are you already in the mindset that you can’t get any me time? Then you won’t be able to figure out how to get that me time. Find a couple phrases that can help you shift your mindset a bit before finding a solution.

Self nurture: How are you nurturing yourself during this? Well, that’s the whole point of this problem solving session – to find time for yourself to nurture.

Daily Me Time for Moms Ideas

  • Wake up early before your kids to get an hour or so of alone time before they start to wake up. You can drink your hot coffee (or tea), eat your breakfast, read your book. Whatever you need to do.
  • Put the baby in the stroller and fire up a podcast to listen to while you go for a walk.
  • Plan a play date with another local mom with a kid that is around your kids’ age. Bring donuts and coffee and just sit and talk.
  • During a set time every day, plan some screen time for the kids and use that time wisely.
  • After you give the kids lunch, order lunch for yourself that you love and eat it while the kids are napping or occupied.
  • When you’re making dinner, pop in some ear buds and watch a show on your phone or listen to a podcast/audiobook.
  • Are you a night owl? Stay up after your kids go to bed and spend that time alone.
  • Write a book! You can do the writing during any of this downtime.
  • Connect with friends via your phone. My friends and I use the Marco Polo app to send video messages to each other to stay in touch.
  • Exercise at home (if that’s your thing). Set up a video while the kids nap or while they play/workout next to you.

The key to finding time for me time during your day is to grab pockets of time where you can and remember my key tip:

All down time does not have to be used for chores.

How do we find time for Me Time?

There are a few things you can do to clear out space in your day for me time.

  • Lower your standards: Yes, I’m serious. Assess what you’re currently doing on the daily. Do you have to vacuum every day? Probably not.
  • Hand things off to other people: If you have a partner at home with you, they should be doing something also. What can you hand off to them to do when they get home from work? It’s a team effort.
  • Adjust your sleep schedule: Wake up early or go to bed later. Of course, if you cherish your sleep, don’t do this!

How do you find time for Me Time and what do you do? Please tell me in the comments!

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