10 Easy Hobbies for Moms Who Need Something for Themselves

People need hobbies and moms are people. However, hobbies for moms can be really hard to find and work into our schedules.

10 easy hobbies for moms with a drawing of a woman with brown hair painting  a house on an easel

Fact: You are a mom. Fact: You are a person who has children.

Both of these things mean the same, but why is it so hard for us to recognize that we are people first?

One sure-fire way to recognize this is by finding hobbies. Hobbies for moms are a great way to remember that we are people also, before we are responsible for the tiny people.

Hobbies for Moms are Important

Well, because we’re people and people need hobbies. They keep your mind sharp, give you endorphins (assuming you love the hobby you choose) and help make sure you aren’t “just mom.”

Hobbies for Moms feel Impossible

There are a lot of excuses as to why we don’t implement hobbies into our lives and you know me – I love to push back on these excuses.

  • I don’t have the time for a hobby. It’s time to assess what you’re doing with your day. By no means am I denying that you don’t have time. But take a serious look at your priorities and the work your partner is putting into your household and family, also. I’m willing to bet you can take a handful of things off of your list.
  • I don’t have the money for a hobby. Hobbies don’t have to be expensive. Once you make your list of possible hobbies, do some research and estimate how much they’re going to cost you. Not to mention, hobbies can become lucrative!
  • Hobbies create clutter. They don’t have to! If you pick up something like knitting or crocheting, those items make great gifts!
  • I don’t know what I would do for a hobby. Stay tuned – because we’re going to get into this later on this post. You can also check out the book “Unicorn Space” by Eve Rodsky (that is an affiliate link).

How do I find my hobby?

You can ask yourself a few questions when you’re looking for your hobby.

  • What did I enjoy doing before I had kids? Did you go to concerts or were you happier sitting at home by yourself? Do you like to be creative with your hands or do you like to learn a new topic?
  • Realistically, how much time can I put into my hobby? This is a very important question because you want to be realistic. You don’t want to pick up a hobby that feels impossible when you have a newborn baby or a toddler who doesn’t go to preschool.
  • What can I afford to put towards my hobby? You don’t want to go broke finding a hobby. Start small and see what you an afford.

Motherhood Uncomplicated: A 3-Step Straightforward Clarity Framework

There are 3 steps to simplifying solutions in motherhood and we’re going to apply them to this – hobbies for moms – before we decide on which hobbies to pick up.

Realistic Expectations: How realistic are your expectations? Meaning, if you have a newborn baby, your hobby probably shouldn’t be Roller Derby that practices 5 nights a week. If you have a newborn baby, you’re going to want a low commitment hobby that you can do at home.

(Annoying) Mindset: Get into the right mindset when deciding what your hobby is going to be. Once you adjust your expectations, this part will come quickly.

Self Nurture: Make sure to nurture yourself in other ways while you’re figuring out you’re hobby and while you’re waiting for the next time you can get to the hobby.

Hobby ideas for Moms

  • Crocheting or knitting.
  • Drawing or painting.
  • Running or working out.
  • Cooking or baking.
  • Reading.
  • Building Lego sets.
  • Painting your nails.
  • Pick up a sport at your local park district.
  • Start or join a book club.
  • Start a blog or podcast.

These are just some of the hobbies for moms you can look into. As I said earlier, do some research about how much they can cost and go from there.

Do you have a hobby you love? Please share it in the comments!

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