How To Start A Self-Care Routine As A Mom

Self-care routines are a huge buzzword phrase – but why is no one tell us HOW to get this self-care routine in place? There are a few key components to this, so let’s talk about it.

How to start a self=care routine as a mom. Photo of pink and yellow flowers behind a letter board that says "#take care of yourself"

What does self-care look like?

Self-care, in this corner of the internet, is not: bubble baths, going to bed early, grocery shopping alone, etc. While those things certainly can make your dopamine rise, they aren’t considered self-care alone.

Self-care is getting out of the house without being responsible for children and being able to let go of the guilt while doing so. I think that last part about letting go is one of the hardest parts for moms.

How do I start a self-care routine?

Consistency is key. Once you make it a regular part of what you’re doing, it will become a routine. Start small and easy. Choose something that doesn’t require too much work on your part to get it set up. Once you add it, it will become easier and easier to imagine.

How do I find self-care routine activities?

Start by thinking about what you used to love doing, prior to having kids. What topics/categories really made you smile and made you happy?


These activities are your cooking classes, trying new restaurants, concerts, shows, plays, going to see movies. Anything that involves food and/or entertainment.


Did/do you enjoy knitting? Do you want to start to learn how to sew? Are you a scrapbooker? The activities found here are the ones that allow you to be creative with your ideas or hobbies.

Body movement

These are exercise classes, hiking, biking, running races, yoga. Anything that really makes your body move.

Brunette woman in green sports bra reaching to touch her toes in the sunlight inside on a green yoga mat


Are there spiritual or mindset activities you enjoy? This involved your church/place of worship, yoga, journaling, nature, self-reflection, reading self-help books.


These activities for self-care involve things that allow you to learn. You really enjoy absorbing new information. Learning a new skill, taking a college course, learning a new language, reading non-fiction, taking up a new hobby.


These activities are things that take little to no brain power. You just want to turn off your brain and do nothing. Massages/spa day, reading fiction, watching a TV show/movie.

How do I make sure self-care is in my routine?

If you’re having a difficult time getting self-care into your routine, try picking something that is already planned for you. Something that you can just show up to and everything is already done.

For example:

  • Subscription boxes
  • Work out classes
  • College courses
  • Events in your area
  • Regular dinners/lunches with friends
  • Tickets to a play
  • Painting class

Picking something that is already planned and something you’ve already paid for will make sure you show up to it.

What’s a good self-care routine?

Everyone’s definition of “good” is going to be different because we all have different resources and circumstances. But, if you are waiting until a breakdown or close to a breakdown, you’re not adding self-care to your routine enough. You need to make it a regular occurrence before you start feeling stressed and burned out. That’s how you know it’s effective.

First, you should be engaging in self-care daily. Yes, daily! Even if the kids are home. This sounds unrealistic, but I promise, it isn’t. You can find out exactly how with my free daily self-care printable.

For good quality out-of-the-house self-care, it’s going to depend on your resources and time. But, if you really want to make it happen (and you should), you will!

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