Useful Easter Basket Ideas for Babies

Do you feel like you’re wasting your money (and time) on creating an Easter basket for your baby? Here is a great list of useful Easter basket ideas for babies!

Photo of baby's feet in a yellow dress playing with a yellow and peach colored easter egg. Text overlay "Actually useful easter basket ideas for babies"

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Easter basket ideas for babies can be tough. You can’t really give them candy, so what do you give them? My kids are old enough to be past this stage so I thought back into the past about what we’ve done as Easter baskets for babies.

What do you give a 7 month old in their Easter basket?

For a 7 month old baby, I would give baby food pouches, baby led weaning utensils, silicone bibs, new sippy cups and classic baby books. You could also toss in a baby toothbrush!

What do you get a 2 month old for Easter?

A 2 month old baby would benefit from new pacifiers and clips, classic baby board books and some bath bubbles and wash safe for baby.

Toddler in nice clothes sifting through a green Easter basket sitting on a cement step in front of a brick building.

What do you put in a 3 month old Easter basket?

3 months is a fun age because they’re really starting to respond to you! For a 3 month old, I would give them new soft or board books, toys that they can switch back and forth from hand to hand and infant musical instruments for their Easter basket.

What are some Easter basket ideas for babies?

You can put any consumable item or thing that you will buy for baby anyway in your baby’s Easter basket. Food pouches, books, bath toys, etc. I’ve compiled a great list with links for you!

  • Baby food pouches – My kids have loved these pouches and we even still use them with our 3 year old twins for a quick, easy snack. They last quite a while so even if your baby isn’t ready yet, you can keep them on hand until they are.
  • Baby snacks – Just like with the pouches above, baby snacks last quite a bit so you can hang onto them until you’re ready.
  • Teething toys – Teething toys have been life savers for our family! we love having them on hand and I personally feel like you can’t have too many – keep them in the car, each room of the home, each diaper bag, etc.
  • Baby led weaning utensils – If your baby is ready for baby led weaning, you can keep some utensils on hand.
  • Bubble bath – Who doesn’t love giving babies a bath?! You’ll always use baby bubble bath or baby wash.
  • Bibs – Bibs are another thing I feel you can’t have too much of because who likes to do laundry? We especially loved silicone bibs because we can throw them in the dishwasher.
  • Classic infant books – Books are another item we have stacked in our house. You can’t have too many books!
  • Pacifier/toy clips – We used to lose these constantly. Another great thing to have on hand.
  • Silicone feeder – My twins absolutely loved eating frozen foods in these things, especially if they were teething.
  • Infant musical instruments – I think this is a toy people forget to give to babies!
  • Infant toothbrush – Those teeth are coming! Be prepared for them.

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What are you doing for your baby for their Easter basket? Any of these? Did I give you any ideas? Comment below or tag me on Instagram!

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