35+ Non Candy Easter Basket Ideas

If you don’t want to load your kiddos up with candy this year for Easter, this post is loaded with non candy Easter basket ideas. A lot of them can be grabbed on Amazon, at your local grocery store or even Wal-Mart or Target.

35+ non candy easter basket ideas

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These non candy Easter basket ideas are actually useful. They’re things kids will use and get a kick out of.

What can I put in my Easter basket instead of candy?

You can put anything in your Easter basket besides candy! Any small items that are age appropriate would be great inside an Easter basket for your children.

What can I fill Easter eggs with without candy?

Anything small on these lists that can fit into an egg would be perfect. You can even take a larger item and split it up into smaller parts.

Non candy Easter basket ideas by age

Infant ideas

Child in blue plaid shirt and blue pants with brown shoes sitting on a step going through a green Easter basket and purple egg in his hand.

Toddler ideas

Preschooler ideas

Arial view of green Easter grass and 5 colored eggs on white wood floor.

School age kid ideas

Anything that your kid needs replenished for the Spring is a great idea for an Easter basket.

Are there any ideas here you didn’t know? Anything you’d like to add? Share this post or comment below and tell me!

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One thought on “35+ Non Candy Easter Basket Ideas

  1. I’ve never heard of Paint by Sticker. Going to add that to the list! We like to put outdoor activity toys in the baskets, like water squirters/water guns, swim clothes/water shoes, chalk for the driveway, frisbee/fast flyers (Activ Flyer…they have a hole in the center and are easy for kids to throw), etc. Basically anything that encourages them to play outside as the weather gets nicer. 😉

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