9+ Early chapter books for girls to read together

Early chapter books for girls are all over Amazon! Getting into a chapter book is a great way for a young girl to learn to read and for you to spend one on one time with her.

9+ early reader chapter books for girls - to read alone or with you! Photo of a girl in a blue and white striped shirt reading a book

I often tell friends that spending one on one time with your kids is usually the key to connecting. Something we do in our house is read together nightly to achieve this. My daughter is 6 and is learning how to read and really enjoying some of these early chapter books. We love to read the together and she loves to read them by herself!

Early chapter books for girls to read together

Mercy Watson – 5-8 years old

Mercy Watson is a series about a mischievous pig and her adventures. She loves buttered toast and getting into trouble! These books are super cute and have short, quick chapters.

Amelia Bedelia Means Business – 6-10 years old

The class Amelia Bedelia books, re mastered. Lots of idioms like the classic Amelia Bedelia books so if you’re concerned your daughter might be annoyed by these, maybe skip them. The chapters are short and quick.

Nancy Clancy – 6-10 years old

Another group of super easy readers, Nancy Clancy focuses on the original Fancy Nancy character but with longer books and more of a storyline.

girl with red hair and blue dance dress on wearing pink ballet slippers and wearing oversized glasses. She is reading a book while sitting on a desk. There is a windowed door behind her and 2 stacked books next to her and a pen cup with lots of colorful pencils.

Junie B. Jones – 6-9 years old

Junie B. Jones starts her adventures in Kindergarten and she is hilarious! Her grammar could use some work so maybe you can use it as a learning tool, too.

Beverly Cleary Ramona Collection – 8-12 years old

Again, just like the classic from when we were kids. She’s a “normal” girl who gets into “normal” predicaments and girls can find they relate to her.

Ivy & Bean – 6-10 years old

A book series about 2 very different best friends in second grade. They didn’t mean to be best friends because they thought the other one was too weird!

Dragon Girls – 7-10 years old

A fantasy series of books about 3 girls who are summoned to the Magic Forest to be Glitter Dragon Girls. With this comes lots of responsibility – they are sworn protectors of the Magic Forest now!

girl with brown hair reading a book with green cover in the grass with trees behind her.

Babymouse – 7-10 years old

A graphic novel, this series follows Babymouse and her seemingly normal interactions with friends – but of course, nothing goes the way you think.

The World According to Humphrey – 5-8 years old

This is a story about a class pet – Humphrey – and all of his adventures in the classroom and at his students’ homes when he gets to go home with some of them! This book was being read aloud in my son’s 2nd grade class during E learning so I know all about this hamster!

For even more early reader chapter books for girls and boys, you can find my Amazon list here.

If you gift your kids any of these books, tag me on Instagram (@mostlyundercontrol) and let me know how you’re enjoying them!

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