30 Lazy Elf on the Shelf Ideas (2023)

Do you have a lazy elf on the shelf? We do, too! I’ve put together some ridiculously easy lazy elf on the shelf ideas for this season.

The damn elf. 30 days of trying to remember to move the freaking thing. Why do you do it? I do it because my kids genuinely enjoy it. You do not need your elf on the shelf to be elaborate!

Our elf’s name is Coco and he doesn’t do a damn thing. He literally moves from one surface to the next. I know there are other parents out there like us that just don’t have the time or energy for this thing. So I’ve put together some lazy, easy elf on the shelf ideas.

A fair warning, what you do with your elf says absolutely nothing about what kind of parent you are. I repeat, no matter what you do with the elf (or if you even have one), you are still a great parent. I feel like we need this reminder every year! It can turn into quite the competition but remember it isn’t a big deal. It isn’t a deal at all.

These lazy elf on the shelf ideas are for the parents who just don’t have the energy. They require no extra props!

Tips for a lazy elf on the shelf

  • Make sure he isn’t in a dangerous spot as far as lights.
  • Keep it above eye level so the kids can’t touch it.
  • Don’t stress! Your elf does not need to solve quantum physics. He can literally go from one spot to the next.
  • Find him early! I 2 years ago I found myself in the target parking lot the night he was supposed to arrive.
  • Remember that if your Elf gets into trouble and makes a mess, YOU are the one who has to clean it up.
  • Get some sticky tack for the back of his head or his bottom to help him stick to wherever you’re setting him.

30 Lazy Elf on the Shelf Ideas

The Elf on the Shelf sitting in 2 coffee mugs - one is the Grinch and one is Santa Claus. He is on a shelf in front of a teal and gold photo frame and a wedding album.
  • Hang from a light fixture (make sure you don’t let him burn!)
  • On a child’s dresser
  • Hanging from the shower curtain rod
  • In the fridge
  • In the freezer
  • On a literal shelf
  • Hanging out on the fireplace
  • In the Christmas tree
  • Hanging on the blinds
  • Near a soccer/basketball like he was playing sports
  • Hanging out with Barbies/dolls
  • Hanging out with superheroes
  • Next to a board game
  • Mixed into stuffed animals
  • On a curtain rod
  • The other side of the same curtain rod
  • On top of a table lamp
  • Hanging on a diffuser (before you turn it on!)
  • In an empty cup
  • On top of the cabinets
  • On top of the fridge
  • Near your child’s artwork
  • Around a picture frame
  • Around another picture frame
  • Around a third picture frame
  • In a tissue box
  • Taped to the bathroom mirror
  • On top of a bookshelf
  • On a doorknob you don’t use often
  • In the pantry

How do I remember to move the elf?

We have all been there – it’s 9:30 pm and you’re crawling into bed and something reminds you that you forgot to move the damn elf. Set a timer or do it after something you do every night – like showering, brushing your teeth, putting the kids to bed, etc.

My husband leaves for work at 5am and usually moves it on his way out the door. Since our elf is “lazy,” it’s super easy to move him from one surface to the next.

Do you want to do more with your Elf on the Shelf?

That’s your prerogative! Amazon has a bunch of Elf on the Shelf accessories if you want to get a little more into it.

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