The Best 24+ Non-toy Gift Ideas For Your Kids’ Giftster List

Non-toy gift ideas can be tough to find and every year I vow to keep toys off my kids’ lists. Most years I fail at this, so here are some ideas so you can succeed!

Drawing of a christmas tree with text overlay - 24+ non-toy gift ideas and how to keep track of them!

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It happens to all of us, I believe. You get home from your family Christmas tour with tons of toys and stuff you don’t truly need. Family means well and you’re super grateful, but you don’t need all these extra toys.

Sometimes your family just needs you to give them the right ideas.

How to give family your non-toy gift ideas

You use! We have been using this gift list platform since 2016 and it seriously has been a life-changer. I can add links to exactly what I want for my kids. No more loud and obnoxious toys that I will be tripping over by New Years. You can also add things that don’t include links which you can’t do on most gifting platforms – a membership to a children’s museum, water park, “shirt with X character on it,” “a game that focuses on numbers,” etc.

The best part about is that it’s 100% completely FREE. It will work on any phone, desktop or tablet.

Giving your family a list to go off of will significantly minimize the unwanted stuff that comes into your home. Sometimes when you don’t give family guidance, the amount of things you didn’t need can be very overwhelming. Giving family and friends direct links and ideas will help lower your stress of recovering from the holidays and get rid of the kids’ disappointment when they don’t get what they want or need.

Here is a little peek of

How to use to make your family wish list

Screenshot of the navigation bar for

The top navigation bar guides you exactly where you need to go – edit your list(s), shop for family (even your kids) or go to your groups.

Screenshot view of the list as a buyer - looking at the list under the "shop for" tab.

In the “shop for” tab, you can see if a gift is reserved or purchased. They also pull the price to see it easily before clicking. On your view of your own personal list, you cannot see what has been purchased.

Making the wish list is so easy and you can even add things without a link which is rare on wish list maker apps.

Screenshot of the list making view on
Screenshot of the gift list options where you can add preferences to your child's list and how the buyer will see the preferences.

You can also add gift preferences for your child to help people make decisions and they can think of their own non-toy gift ideas. Clothing size, hobbies, interests, etc.

Screenshot of the options to add suggested items to someone else's list on

You can even add suggested items to other people’s lists if you have a good non-toy gift idea for them.

Screenshot of the groups view on It shows how you can email the group and also switch easily from one group to another.

Using has made it so easy to make sure my kids are getting things they NEED. Once you get started with it, you will never go back! We use it all year round for birthdays, too.

24+ non-toy gift ideas

Here are some non-toy gift ideas you can add to your child’s wish list:


Books are a good gift choice in our family because we are book lovers. They can be traded with friends when they’re done, also. Here are some good lists of popular gifts for the kids in your life (aff links):

Alarm clock

For some reason, my daughter loves giving alarm clocks as gifts to her friends! An alarm clock is something almost every kid will eventually need. Here is a good round up of favorite kid alarm clocks. (aff link)


As a parent, I absolutely love receiving clothes as gifts. You can personalize these types of non-toy gift ideas for the kids, too. If they love a certain character or show, buy them a sweatshirt or shirt with that character on it!

Piggy banks

We have started to introduce piggy banks to our kids and I think they’re a great non-toy gift idea to start teaching the value of money.

Board games and card games

Board games are great gifts because they can be enjoyed by the entire family! (aff links)

Magazine subscriptions

Did you know you can get these on Amazon? I just recently found this out! You can find them here. (aff link) The best part about this non-toy gift is it comes every month.


Puzzles are fun because, like board games, they can be enjoyed by the entire family and traded with friends when you’re finished. (aff link)

Photo of 2 children - a girl in a red shirt with blonde hair and a boy in a blue dress shirt - playing with a puzzle.


My kids love having calendars in their rooms. It really helps minimize surprised in their daily routines. Every day is different in our house!

Suitcase/back pack

Suit cases are nice to have on hand for kiddos for quick sleepovers at grandma’s, grandpa’s, aunt’s, uncle’s, cousin’s houses. Personalize it for real fun! This is our favorite backpack – they have it 2 different sizes. (aff link)


If your kid loves to cook or bake with you (or even do art projects) an apron is a great idea. You can even buy white ones and let them decorate them first.

Towels/bath robes

Having their own towel and/or bath robe gives kids a great sense of ownership. They might even be more inclined to hang it up on the hook or toss it in the hamper when they’re done ;).


Think memberships – zoo membership, arboretum membership, museum memberships. Things that kids can do throughout the year. Another bonus – this is great for the entire family. This is such an easy non-toy gift we forget because you aren’t wrapping anything.

Sports equipment

Does your kid play baseball? Request from family a new bat each year. I know from personal experience, kids go through water bottles like they go through water, so asking for a new one each year will be beneficial to everyone!

Arial view of sports equipment laid out onto astro turf.


There are lots of kid watch versions out there today and it;s a great way to teach kids the concept of time when they’re ready.

Blankets/room decor

Is there something missing in your kids’ room with their decor? Posters, blankets, pillows, inspirational signs?

Bath accessories

Bath time can be chaos at our house but sometimes if we have fun things to do in the bath, we can get it done faster and with less noise. They’re small, so they’re a great non-toy gift for the stocking.

Umbrella/rain coat

This is something I think we forget kids need and can find useful. Send them to the rainy bus stop with an umbrella or rain coat so you don’t have to drive them!

Photo of a child smiling with blonde hair. The child is wearing a colorful rain coat with yellow rain boots with rainbow colors and red pants. The child is splashing in puddles.


We use our old Halloween costumes as dress up clothes – add some more to your line up!

Gift cards

Do your kids love certain restaurants? Add a gift card to their list. If you’re adding experiences, add a gift card to their gift shop to their list too.

Kid safe cameras

My kids loved their kid safe cameras the year they got them! Check these out. (aff link) They are rechargable and you don’t have to worry about buying batteries over and over again.

Art supplies

We go through art supplies so quickly it feels like. So if you’re like us, put some art supplies on your kids’ list to keep them busy. We love keeping our art supplies in this little caddy. (aff link)

Arial view of different art supplies laid out onto a white wood table. There are colored pencils, paint, markers, scissors, pencils, erasers, paper clips and paintbrushes.


Almost every year, someone in our house gets a scooter for Christmas. Don’t forget the helmet!


If you’re a family who uses tablets (no shame), add one to their list if you have family that have a bigger budget for your kiddo. We like the Amazon kindle fires – they’re a great price and I’m not worried if they destroy them. (aff link)


Don’t forget the headphones for those tablets!

What are your favorite non-toy gift ideas?

Let me know in the comments below or head over to Instagram and tag me! Don’t forget to check out It i the easiest gift listing website and app our family has used.

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  1. We love those drawing tablets. They are so handy for when we are in a restaurant, at the doctor, in the car…all the places. And since they are flat, they pack well in a purse, diaper bag, or back pack.

    We are also fans of bath bombs! My kids love them!

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