How to prepare for Christmas early – 10 easy ways

If you’re clamoring to get ready for Christmas every year, these are the steps you need. Here are 10 easy ways to prepare for Christmas early.

How to prepare for Christmas early

Every year, Christmas sneaks up on me. It’s like I swear I was just planning my kids’ birthdays in September and then all of a sudden I see wrapping paper on sale and OHMYGOD I DON’T HAVE PRESENTS TO WRAP WHAT IS HAPPENING?

So one year, I put a notification in my calendar that literally said “start holiday prep, you idiot” in October. I was pretty annoyed with my past self for making it sneak up early but ultimately, I was glad.

So ever since then, I’ve been making a conscious effort to be ready for Christmas, starting in October.

Why October?

Because October is when Christmas stuff starts hitting some of the stores. I go into a pure panic when I see it. I haven’t even received a final decision on my kids’ Halloween costumes yet. Why are you showing me dancing Santas?! Also, I fee like it gets earlier and earlier each year!

Truthfully, I’m thinking about Christmas all year. I’m gathering ideas for gifts for family, I’m updating my kids’ Christmas lists, etc.

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How to prepare for Christmas early

Start gift lists for your kids

I start these super early in the year. Our family uses It’s a great website that allows you to add items to your lists and you can tell who has purchased what, unless it is your own list. I can keep control of my kids’ lists (and still know who has purchased what.) I use these lists all year round and my family will use them for their birthdays, too.

If you’re a pencil and paper person or want your kiddos to do it on their own, check out this one.

Spend money on Christmas each month

I know this sounds insane, but if you’re running to Target (because you know you do that frequently), grab a $20 gift card to put to the side for gifts for family/friends or for yourself to spend on Christmas gifts when it’s time to purchase them.

You can also buy things you see that remind you of people – I love doing this during the summer when I am at craft shows.

Keep a running list of gift ideas for family/friends

This is key – I love giving gifts that people haven’t necessarily asked for. If I notice something they’re talking about, I’ll jot down the idea when I get home or text it to myself. This printable is a great option to keep this list. Here is also a great post on 10+ unique teacher gift ideas.

Update your addresses

This one gets me every single year – frantically trying to gather everyone’s addresses and sending out last minute cards on December 23rd. This printable will help you keep track of addresses for a few years.

Assess your decor situation

One year we bought lights for the bushes outside and when we dragged them out to put them on the next year, one was busted. We didn’t save the boxes so my husband went back and forth from home to multiple Targets multiple times to find out which white color we had – it was maddening. The Christmas decor checklist can be found in the Christmas bundle.

Gather Christmas recipes

Few things worse than trying to frantically get recipes ready for Christmas dinner. Cute recipe sheets can be found in the Christmas bundle.

Schedule family photos

If you are going to take professional photos for your Christmas card, schedule the photo shoot early. Photographers book up fast and you don’t want to lose your spot!

Buy batteries

Seriously, buy batteries. Honestly, all families with young kids should have an assortment of batteries on hand at all times anyway, but stock up on some extra.

Find the damn Elf

Go find it. Like literally, right now. In 2019, I found myself at Target the night the Elf was supposed to come to our house because we had no idea what we did with him. It’s been a year and we still haven’t found him.

Make your Christmas checklist

What do YOU need to prepare for Christmas? What’s on your Christmas checklist? Schedule Santa visit, lights parade, etc. Here is a great one already filled out for you – just add the events to your calendar.

If this all sounds very overwhelming, head over to my Etsy shop and snag my Christmas planner bundle – it’s on sale for 70% off.

The 25 page Christmas Planner bundle includes:

  • Place cards (3 pages)
  • Gift tags (3 pages)
  • Calendars (October – January)
  • Prep lists (2 pages)
  • Recipe page (3 styles)
  • Gift checklists (3 pages)
  • Memories journal template (2 pages)
  • Baking inventory (1 page)
  • Grocery list (1 page)
  • Decor inventory (1 page)

These Christmas planner printables are on sale so snag them! They are 70% off and you can have the entire bundle for less than $15. The printables will help you prepare for Christmas early and keep everything in place.

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