How to wake up before your kids and why it will improve your mood!

Becoming a morning person as a parent can sound rough and scary. But making it a point to wake up before your kids can improve your mood and day so much!

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For as long as I can remember, I’ve been waking up before my kids. When my twins were babies and were less predictable with their wake times, I would wake as they woke – and my mornings were chaos and the stress and anxiety would leak into my day. My to-do list was miles long and I couldn’t enjoy my kids because I was constantly thinking about what I should be doing – laundry, cleaning, meal planning, etc.

Once they were on a more predictable sleeping schedule, I started waking up at 5 am when my husband would leave for work. When I tell you this improved my mood, I MEAN IT. I was able to get things done like working on my business, creating more content for you guys and getting ready for our day.

Tips on how to wake up before your kids

  • Don’t reach for your phone right away. This was a very difficult habit for me to break. I can’t put my phone across the room while I sleep because it’s what we use for a baby monitor. So when you wake up, immediately get out of bed. Then…
  • Make your bed. Yes, make your bed! You’re less likely to climb back in, you have a task to do immediately when you wake up and it gets you moving right away. I just started doing this to help wake up before my kids and it has made a huge difference.
  • If coffee gets you going, set your coffee pot on a timer so it’s ready for you. After making your bed, get to the coffee.
  • Get your partner involved. My husband wakes up earlier than I do, so he wakes me up on his way out to work. He brings me my coffee and says goodbye at 5 am. It’s part of our routine! Speaking of routine…
  • Make it a routine. This might mean that you should get up on the weekends and on off days. Mondays are rough for me to wake up before my kids when I “sleep in” on the weekends.
  • Work out right at wake up time, if that’s your thing. It is not my thing, but for some people it is. I cannot work out first thing in the morning but some people can. I’m a mid-day exerciser.

Why should you wake up before your kids?

  • To. Be. Alone. I love my kids (obviously) but to be ON every waking moment is absolutely exhausting. Waking up before my kids gives me an hour or so to be alone, with no one touching me or needing something.
  • To prep for the day. It gives me some time to prepare for the day. I can make/set out breakfast for my
  • 2 year old toddlers.
  • To drink your hot coffee. No more microwaving, guys! I am able to sit and drink my hot coffee (with a little help from this mug warmer) and I don’t have to microwave it anymore or pretend I meant to make iced coffee.

What do you do when you wake up before your kids?

  • Prepare for the day. I can get things set up to help our day run smoother. Pack lunches, make breakfast, lay out toys for your kids.
  • Move your body. Even if working out isn’t your thing, simply moving your body can seriously set you up for for a productive day. I start my day with stretches. I know, I know…sounds so cheesy but trust me, it has helped me so much.
  • Self care. Showering, read a book, watch a show/movie, pick up a hobby. Any of these things can be done for self care.

The most important tip I can have for someone trying to become a morning person as an adult is to be consistent and make it a routine, just like anything in life. It also will help significantly if you can get your partner on board.

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