Weekly meal planner with grocery list – meal plan in just 20 minutes!

Does meal planning stress you out? This weekly meal planner with grocery list is sure to help you solve your meal planning problems!

weekly meal planner with grocery list

How do I create a weekly menu and grocery shop?

Let’s talk about this! With this weekly meal planner with grocery list, this is so dang easy. I fill in important dates in my meal planner and then add the meals, then add groceries to the grocery list. Seriously could not be easier!

weekly meal planner wit grocery list

How do I make my weekly meal plan?

You have to keep in consideration what is going on that day, especially if it’s going to hinder your time you have to make dinner. We know, as parents, that our time is freaking precious. That’s why the weekly meal planner with grocery list is so important. It helps save you time, money and sanity.

How do I plan a meal and grocery shop?

Once you plan your meals for the week in the weekly meal planner with grocery list, you dissect each meal and add those ingredients to your grocery list over on the side. That’s it! It’s so easy.

“It (Melanie’s notebook and system) basically forced me to meal plan because I was out of excuses on why I didn’t do it. Everything was there and simple! It has also helped our grocery budget because everything is now planned AND ingredients written out.” – Jessica

How to use the weekly meal planner with grocery list

  1. First, I sit down with the weekly meal planner with grocery list and fill in the dates. I write down any important things that are happening that day if they will hinder meal prep and meal time. IE, football practice, religious ed, husband working late, etc. I know those nights need to be quick and easy.
  2. Then, I start putting in my meals. I refer to the freezer meal list, my recipe notebook, my Facebook group that shares recipes, my past meal plans and my go-to meals (in the meal planning notebook). Pro-tip, sometimes I use leftovers from one night for another night. For example, pulled pork sandwiches on Monday, pork nachos on Wednesday.
  3. After adding the meals, I dissect each meal and jot down their ingredients in the grocery list. Don’t forget to put down some breakfast, lunch and snack ideas to add to your grocery list as well!
  4. Finally, I shop! I use Wal-Mart online grocery pick up so after meal planning, I just submit my order for pick up every Sunday morning.
freezer meal page from the weekly meal planner with grocery list
go-to meal page in the weekly meal planner with grocery list

Details of the weekly meal planner with grocery list

  • It contains 52 pages, so enough for an entire year if you never miss a week.
  • Begins with instructions on how to meal plan.
  • Freezer meal list to keep track of freezer inventory.
  • Go-to meal page for you to fill out your families favorite meals for when you don’t have the brain capacity to think of new ideas.
  • A spot on each page to write down breakfasts, lunches and snacks as well as dinners.
  • A categorized grocery list that can be easily ripped out and brought with you to the store.
  • A spot on each week to write down a freezer meal idea that can be thrown together quickly.
  • Reminders at 12, 8 and 4 weeks that you’re ready for a new notebook AND a coupon!

Seriously, I told you it was easy. Here’s what people have to say about the weekly meal planner with grocery list:

“I absolutely love this meal planner. It helps me organize my ideas and plan more efficiently for my families meals.” -Marta

“The perfect meal planner everyone should have!! I received this as a gift 2 years ago and it helped me SO much in a task that I truly do not like. It made it so much easier for me. I just bought another and will continue to use it! I recommend to everyone! Thank you for a great product Melanie:)” -Ashley

What are you waiting for? Go grab your weekly meal planner! The covers are colorful and come in many different colors.

Teal cover for the weekly meal planner with grocery list
Different cover color options for the weekly meal planner with grocery list - purple, red, teal, yellow, pink, black and green

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