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Being stuck inside with a toddler is trying. Winters are so hard! Once it starts to get nicer out, it’s time to start collecting outdoor toddler toys. I’ve gathered some of the top outdoor toddler toys for under $25 on Amazon.

Toddlers need activity. It’s one of the first things I suggest when people say they’re about to lose it with their toddlers. Right now (March of 2020), we are stuck inside for 3+ weeks because of COVID-19. My toddler twins (18 months) LOVE to play outside. The weather is iffy so some days it’s possible and some days it isn’t. I’ve got followers on Instagram who are asking for outdoor toddler toys so I decided to put together a list for everybody, keeping in mind budget because unfortunately, some people are also out of work right now due to social distancing.

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Note: When this post was made, these toys were listed for under $25! Prices may change.

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Outdoor toddler toys under $25

Bubbles: First off, everyone needs bubbles! In the realm of outdoor toddler toys, these are a must have. Grab some because a few of these toys I’ve listed require bubbles for operation. The great thing about bubbles is you can use them indoors and outdoors.

Bubble lawn mower – this toy has been a huge hit with all 4 of my kids. They love to pretend to be like daddy and mow the lawn and get to see all the bubbles.

Bubble machine: These bubble machines are awesome because you don’t have to do any work! Just turn it on and let the magic happen. Don’t forget batteries! (This one takes 4 AA’s.)

Magnetic fishing game: Toss these into your water table or plastic pool! Not great for super cold weather but could work for mild weather. You can also use them indoors in a filled bathtub or sink.

Melissa & Doug Target game: This is another good game that could be set up inside as well. Cut little target game with bean bags.

Little Tykes T-Ball set: Another big hit at our house. They have a pink one, too!

Jump rockets: Again, a fan favorite in our house. My toddlers think these are just absolutely hilarious. You load them up, stomp them and the rockets go flying!

Melissa & Doug bowling set: This little thing is so dang cute and can also be used indoors! It also comes with a carrying case.

So, will you grab any of these? Do you already own some of them? Let me know in the comments below!


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