Postpartum Must Haves

When you’re pregnant, everyone tells you to PREPARE. This post will help you prepare for postpartum life. This is my list of postpartum must haves – for postpartum vaginal birth and postpartum c-section birth.

Postpartum must haves, written by a mom of 4!

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You get sent home from the hospital a mere 48-72 hours after giving birth, which can be a major surgery OR a traumatic, life changing experience. They send you home with some papers, a follow up appointment for your baby (not even you!), and maybe some crappy, scratchy underwear. WTF. This is why we seek out our friends’ advice on what will really help you deal with the postpartum experience.

I am a mom of 4 and have had vaginal births and a c-section birth (my twins). If I’m being honest, the recovery of the c-section birth was much worse but I don’t think I used anything different as far as staying somewhat comfortable.

Mother with short dark hair and glasses, smiling with a newborn baby in a brown hat.
Me with my oldest child – who is now almost 7.5 years old as I write this!

I’ve compiled a list for you of some of the best postpartum must haves (postpartum vaginal and postpartum c-section births). I asked for help from my loyal Instagram followers (@mostlyundercontrol – seriously, come hang out!) and hand picked some of my favorite suggestions.

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I’ll list my postpartum must haves below with affiliate links (that means if you purchase from my links, I’ll receive a small kick back at no extra cost to you), but if you keep scrolling, you’ll find the link my Amazon shop with all of them together on a nice neat list!

Postpartum Must Haves

  • Big underwear: I love these underwear and keep them tucked away specifically for postpartum. They’re high wasted so they work well for postpartum c-section and vaginal.
  • Large water cup: This is an “off brand” water cup but it’s half the price and keeps water just as cold. Grab a pack of straws while you’re at it.
  • Food gift cards: Seriously, start stocking up asap. They’re so nice to have on those nights that you just can’t muster up dinner or the food has stopped flowing in from friends and family. Because I promise, those days will be there.
  • Witch hazel wipes: These were a freaking lifesaver after all 3 of my deliveries. I could not have survived without them.
  • Peri bottle: I did not know about these fancy ass peri bottles when I had my kids. I just used the ones the hospital sent me home with but these are nice because the straw thing is angled. These are really nice when you can’t quite wipe yet. (Are you excited for postpartum yet?)
  • Sitz bath: I never used one of these but it’s supposed to help with postpartum healing and some of my friends and followers rave about them!
  • Earth Mama perineal spray: Again, I never used this but people swear by it! They also have a balm if the spray isn’t cutting it for you.
  • Giant, obnoxious maxi pads: Ugh, I never want to see these again. But they’re a necessary evil.

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