Potty training myths

Potty. Training. The 2 words together make most parents cringe. But you know what? It absolutely does not have to be horrific. There are a lot of potty training myths out there and we’re going to dispel them right here, right now. At the end of this post, you’ll have the opportunity to download these myths to keep them handy.

Child sitting on toilet with text "Potty training myths. Statements that judgey people say about potty training and why they're not true.

These potty training myths are the “statements” you hear from everyone who loves to tell you their opinion, even though you didn’t ask for it. Sister, mother in law, judgey neighbor, high school frenemy on Facebook. You don’t have to listen to them and if you don’t “follow” any of these statements, I’m here to reassure you that it’s okay. Your kid isn’t going to go to college wearing size 17 diapers. Promise. Okay, maybe some college boys could benefit from some overnight diapers but that’s not what I’m talking about here! Hahaha

Potty training myths

Myth #1: Your kid is telling you when he has gone in his diaper. It’s time to potty train.

This is absolutely not true. It’s a good sign, but not the only sign. What good is it that your kid can tell you that his diaper is dirty, after the fact? Their communication skills improve with age – if you were sitting in your own pee or poop, wouldn’t you communicate to someone “HEY, LADY. COME CHANGE ME. THIS IS DISGUSTING.”

Myth #2: If your kid isn’t potty trained by age ::insert some asinine number here::, you’re doing something wrong

This statement really grinds my gears. Where does it say anywhere that every single 3 year old must be potty trained? Nowhere. It says that nowhere. Age is just a number and there is no “potty training age.”

Myth #3: Rewards are necessary in potty training.

Do you reward your 6 month old for sitting up on his own? Or your toddler for learning how to walk? Of course not. Because it’s a skill. Just like potty training. Why are we rewarding for a biological necessity?

Myth #4: Your kid is ready to potty train because he shows interest in the toilet.

He likes to sit on my lap and pretend to steer the car, too. Does that mean he’s ready for his drivers license? Heck no. He’s interested in the toilet because he likely sees you use it all the time.

Myth #5: Potty training should be initiated by the parents.

Invite that judgey person to stay with you for a few days and “teach” your kid to potty train – real potty. Not going to the bathroom every 15 minutes because you asked him to.

How many of these potty training myths have you heard? I have a “late potty trainer” :::shudder::: and I have heard them all. Now you have some comebacks! Grab your printable here!

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