Baby led weaning tips

Baby led weaning is a great way to introduce solids into your little one’s food life. Check out these baby led weaning tips to see if your baby is ready and if so, you will learn what to do to start!

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Signs your baby is ready for baby led weaning

  • At least 6 months old
  • Sitting up unassisted for longer periods of time
  • Has strong (and full) head and neck control
  • Baby does not automatically push solids out of his mouth
  • Baby is ready for chewing

Once your baby has all the signs for baby led weaning, it’s time to get started!

Can you mix baby led weaning and purees?

Some people will tell you it’s not recommended because it can confuse your baby on how to eat/chew. I did mix the 2 because sometimes purees were easier and less messy. I never did it in the same bite though! I also still kept giving purees because I could freeze them for food for teething babies.

Baby led weaning tips

  • According to the CDC, before the age of 1, baby’s main source of nutrition should be from breastmilk or formula. This is where the phrase “food before 1 is just for fun” comes from. Don’t stress if baby isn’t eating everything you’re giving them!
  • Try to eat meals together. I know this can be difficult. I usually put my kids in their high chairs so I can have 10 minutes to clean or do a quick project. But the more they see you eating with them, the better it will be for everyone!
  • Cut foods into long strips. This is so they can grasp onto them and still get some in their mouth!
  • Avoid foods that are a choking hazard: peanuts, whole grapes, hot dogs, popcorn, seeds, etc. Be smart! If you’re worried, don’t feed it until you talk to your pediatrician.

Must have products for BLW

  • Naturebond silicone baby bibs: We love these! They come in a pack of 2 and come with a little zipper pouch. We have 3 sets – one for the car, one for the diaper bag and one for the kitchen.
  • Reusable baby wipes: We switched to these when we started BLW with the twins because I was tired of using so many paper towels. I get the wipe wet, clean up, and toss it in the wet bag attached to my kitchen cabinet.
  • Wet bag: This is where the dirty wipes go after I use them!
  • Contigo straw cups: Both of my boys are in PT and their PT says the best sippy cup is a straw cup. These are amazing because they do not leak. Big hit in our house!
  • Toddler fork and spoon: They won’t use them correctly but it’s all about exposure right now.
  • Easy high chair: We love this high chair because it attaches right to the chair and doesn’t take up any extra space.
  • Food pouches: Now, I know they say you shouldn’t mix BLW with purees, but sometimes when you’re on the go you need a quick snack. The real applesauce and yogurt pouches are so expensive – just make your own!
  • Snack cup: We love these little snack cups. Little hands can fit right in and if they dump it upside down, the food doesn’t come out.

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