Alphabet toys for toddlers

Alphabet toys for toddlers exist, but should not be used to teach toddlers the correspondence between the letter and the letter name. We should work with our toddlers to expose them to the letters to understand what a letter is.

Alphabet toys for toddlers - a list of alphabet toys to get toddlers exposed to the alphabet.

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The other day in a mom’s group on Facebook, I saw someone saying:

“My toddler (2 years old) is very smart and knows the alphabet. But he cannot tell me which letter is which when I ask him. How do I teach him how to do this?”

Cue Scooby Doo confused face. This really grinds my gears. The reason why this kid cannot tell the letter and its name is because 1, it’s not age appropriate and 2, he isn’t singing the alphabet as 26 letters. He’s singing the alphabet as a song that he memorized. It’s no different than singing the Itsy Bitsy Spider, really.

Now why am I telling you this story before giving you alphabet toys for toddlers? Because my advice to her was to step back. This is not an age appropriate skill for a 2 year old. If you are truly concerned (which you shouldn’t be), stock up on some alphabet toys for toddlers that allow exposure of the letters.

These alphabet toys for toddlers are low stress, low pressure activities. I do not like flash cards and kill and drill memorization activities. These are not that! These have other skills that are their focus.

Alphabet toys for toddlers

  • Toddler Wooden Alphabet Puzzle: This puzzle has letters and numbers which is great! You can also work on colors and fine motor skills.
  • Magnetic Train Set With Letters: Toddlers love trains! You can toss these into their train toys. They’re magnetic and work with the common wooden train track.
  • Soft Alphabet Cards: These cards are so cute! Bonus – they’re soft so you can use them with infants, too.
  • Elmo Sesame Street On The Go Letters: This little toy is so cute. Toddlers can work on matching the letters to the open spots on the toy. Again, you can work on colors, too! You can also take it with you because it has a little handle on it.
  • Leap Frog Magnetic Letters Set: This is a great toy because it goes on the fridge and your toddler can use it while you’re making dinner or sneaking chocolate.

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