Funny Pregnancy Books

Yay – you’re pregnant! Some of the best things I did when I found out I was pregnant was read funny pregnancy books. The science based ones are great for information, but the funny pregnancy books really put my mind at ease.

Funny pregnancy books - laughter to help get you through your pregnancy.

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I like humor. People always ask me “how do you handle 4 kids without going insane?” And honestly, my answer is “I can laugh about it.” My husband and I still laugh about the fact that we had twins as our third pregnancy. It’s either that or just cry!

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I found the funny pregnancy books to be much more entertaining and honestly helpful! The books that made me smile were the most interesting to me and I was more likely to pay attention. I retained the information so much better this way. And for some people (me included) pregnancy can be painful and just downright miserable. Laughter is a great coping mechanism!

Top rated funny pregnancy books

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