Breastfeeding gifts

When your close friend has a baby, you want to get them the best gift. If your friend plans to breastfeed, here is a great list of breastfeeding gifts for breastfeeding moms!

Breastfeeding gifts - here is a great list of gifts for a breastfeeding mom.

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Breastfeeding can be challenging, just like anything with parenting. When a new mom brings that baby home, you want her to feel special, too. It is always a good idea to bring a gift for the new mom – something that will make her life easier.

Breastfeeding gifts are a great idea for a mom who is breastfeeding. I have breastfed all 4 of my kids for a total of almost 5 years. I put together a list of some of my favorite breastfeeding products that are great gifts for breastfeeding moms!

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Put all of these things together in a cute basket and you’re good to go!

Something I do not recommend for a new mom is lactation treats, and let me tell you why.

Lactation treats are foods or drinks that are believed to increase breastmilk supply. I don’t recommend gifting these things for a few reasons:

It can give a false sense of security. These food and drink items are not scientifically proven to help all moms with their supply. Some actually can decrease supply (like fenugreek). If a mom has them at her fingertips, she might think of it as a “quick fix” to a supply issue (even if she doesn’t actually have a supply issue) and may rely on only these.

It can cause unnessecary panic. A very small percentage (like 3%) of women actually can’t make enough milk for their baby. Such a small number! Handing over a treat or supplement may make a mom feel like not producing enough is likely or possible.

If your friend thinks she’s having supply issues, tell her to reach out to a lactation consultant or breastfeeding counselor. The only tried and true way to increase your supply is by increasing your demand. So pump and latch as much as you can!

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