Mom Hacks

Mom hacks – we’ve all heard of them and we all have some of our own favorites. They are easy things that you can do throughout your day to make your life easier. Because who doesn’t want to make their lives easier, especially with kids?

Mom hacks! Really quick and easy things to implement now to make your life much easier!

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Parenting is hard. Plain and simple. We are constantly looking for ways to make our lives easier, and rightfully so! I’ve got 4 kids and we are constantly busy, even if it’s just in the house. I’m no expert, but over the years I’ve learned some tips to make my life a little easier, so I wanted to share some of them with you.

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Our favorite mom hacks

  • Prep everything the night before. Make lunches, clean up toys, set out clothes, pack purses/backpacks. Do all of this when the kids are in bed. Make a list of what needs to be done before you go to bed.
  • When the kids are done cleaning up their toys, move them to a quiet activity like reading. This will help calm them down and ease into the next transition (bedtime routine, dinner, etc). Then, reading is easy to clean up. Just put the books back.
  • Get some reusable wipes and a wet bag. Hang the wet bag on a kitchen cabinet. Use the wipes for cleaning up meals, tables, counter tops, etc.
  • Use timers for everything. Kids respond best with routine and consistency. Consistently use timers when you need to transition to the next activity. Most kids act positively to them and won’t argue with a timer.
  • Create a snack cart. Put all snacks on a cart that is easily accessible for your kids. When they’re hungry or want a quick snack, send them to the cart! Here is a great post on items to put on that cart.
  • Keep a running grocery list on your fridge. So when you go to do your meal plan or grocery order, you can easily add what you need to it.
  • Text yourself reminders! I am sending text messages to myself all day when I think of things.
  • Hide veggies in your kids’ food. I do this all the time, using the baby food veggie pouches. Remember to keep offering vegetables (because exposure is important) but if you’re feeling a little guilty, just hide them in some food.
  • When you meal plan, toss in a weekly freezer meal to put together. They’re great to have on hand for busy weeks when you’re feeling like you just can’t think of meals or cook.
  • Car box – Keep a box in your car of essentials so you don’t always have to lug around a diaper bag. It can have diapers, wipes, change of clothes, burp rags, food pouches, band aids, etc. This is also a great baby shower gift!
  • Christmas shop all year. It’s September and I already have a bunch of gifts for the family. Buy gift cards throughout the year when you have some extra spending money.

So tell me below, what are some of your favorite mom hacks or tips to make mom life easier?

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