Saving Money on Groceries

One of the easiest ways to work on your budget is groceries. But how do you start saving money on groceries without coupons? Here is a great list for you!

Saving money on groceries - 4 simple ways to save money on groceries!

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I love saving money (doesn’t everyone?), but I HATE couponing. I don’t have the time or attention span to sit and clip, sit and clip, sit and clip. I don’t feel like you can get enough coupons to make it a difference, when you can just buy generic brand. So when my husband and I decided to cut costs with out food, I had to find other ways to do it.

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Truthfully, the best way we saved money on groceries was by meal planning. It doesn’t take long and I sit down and meal plan my entire week in less than 20 minutes. I even grocery shop in that 20 minutes when I do my online grocery order.

4 Ways to save money on groceries

  • Online grocery shopping: This is my biggest tip. I am not browsing the aisles grabbing things I don’t need. I take my list, type it in, add it to my cart and I’m done. This also saves a ton of time. I use Wal-Mart pick up. Here is a $10 coupon for you if you’ve never tried it before!
  • Meal planning: This is another huge tip on saving money on groceries! I have saved so much by planning my meals and then creating a list from my meal plan.
  • Eat less meat: I know, I know. This requires the rest of the family to be on board but if you do it right, they won’t even miss it. Start by having one meatless meal a week and go from there.
  • DIY snacks: Start making your own snacks instead of buying portioned snacks from the store. You can start with my easy no bake energy bites post!

So, what are you waiting for? Get started with these 4 super easy ways to save money on groceries. If you use my Wal-Mart link, tag me on Instagram and let me know! @mostlyundercontrol.

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