STEM Board Games

Board games teach so many different skills. Sometimes it’s helpful to get some board games that focus on your child’s specific interests. Here is a great list of STEM board games for your kids who love STEM activities!

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In my many years of teaching, I noticed that some kids just did not want to do some activities. We had to tailor our activities to them to entice them to come in. For example, we had to add bricks and legos to dramatic play to get some of the boys to come over! STEM board games are a great way to get science fans to participate in board games and learn life skills like taking turns and learning how to lose.

What are STEM games?

STEM games are any games that work on STEM skills – Science, technology, engineering and mathematics. Schools are really emphasizing these skills and teaching ways because they are becoming a real part of the real world and in life!

What are the best STEM toys?

Well you’re in luck! I did a video and a great blog post on some STEM toys and you can check it out here!

STEM Board Games

  • ThinkFun Roller Coaster Challenge (6 and up): This game is so fun for kids who love to build. It really gets their minds going when they’re asked to build a specific coaster.
  • Gravity Maze (8 and up): A little bit older than I normally recommend but that comes with the territory of STEM! It’s a combination logic game – think marble run, but a little more advanced.
  • Blockus (7 and up): You place your pieces on the board and each piece you place must touch another piece of that color but only by the corner. That’s it! Super easy to learn.
  • Coder Bunnyz (4 and up): Using code cards, you’re working to get the bunny through the maze! Great for kiddos who want to learn to code, which will be a necessity soon I think!
  • Code Master (8 and up): This game teaches programming and code logic through board game play. You can choose beginner – expert when you’re picking how to play!

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