Card Games for Toddlers

It can be difficult to find things to keep your toddlers’ attention. Card games for toddlers are a great way to get them to sit and engage! Here is a great list of card games for toddlers and reasons why they’re great!

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Finding things for your toddler to do can be so difficult. If you’re stuck inside and you’ve exhausted all of the Netflix shows for learning that we love, then it’s time to hop over to Amazon and search for some card games and board games. We love card games in our house! We have an arsenal of card games for toddlers that we can all play together – with the 3 and 6 year olds. Everyone plays and everyone understands!

What card games can 3 year olds play?

If you have a regular deck of cards, you can play a few card games with your toddler. Toddlers can comprehend Go Fish, Old Maid or Matching. These games are at about their level and will teach taking turns, matching, and healthy competition.

What are the benefits of card games for toddlers?

In addition to the skills listed above, card games are great for on the go. They can be used to keep kids busy in the car (use a cookie sheet on their lap), on an airplane, while on a picnic, or even when they need a break at the park or pool. They easily slip right into your bag and can be taken anywhere.

Card games for Toddlers

  • 4 Pack of Classic Games (ages 4 and up): This one is really cool because it comes with card holders. My kids have a hard time holding the cards and the holders make it so much easier. It comes with Old Maid, Matching, Crazy Eights and Go Fish.
  • Eric Carle Matching Game (3 and up): Using the familiar illustrations from Eric Carle’s books, this game is a matching game. It doesn’t require you to hold playing cards, so that is not a worry! You can tailor it to your kids’ abilities, meaning you can offer only 10 matches to start if you’d like.
  • ToDo Toddler Edition (2-4): This game is so cool and admittedly I just added it to my 4 year old’s Christmas list! It’s not a traditional “card game,” but it has 30 different cards with activities for the family to do together, free from screens. Real talk: we need more of this in our house!
  • Eye Found it – Disney Edition (2 and up): This is a cute Disney game with cards that have you find the items on the cards on other cards. Does that make sense? Hahaha! It’s like an I spy but all on cards!

There is a really cool gadget that will help your kiddos fan out the cards in their hands – you can find it on Amazon here.

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