Why is my baby crying?

Chances are you stumbled on this post because you searched “why is my baby crying,” right? You are tired, stressed and over it. Let me help you troubleshoot why your baby is crying and hopefully get you both some relief!

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Crying babies can make the simplest task seem like the most stressful event of your life. It’s hard to focus on anything when you have a crying baby. It also is so upsetting trying all the things to get your crying baby to settle and you can’t seem to find the solution.

Hi, I’m Melanie – and crying babies stress me TF out. They are my trigger when it comes to feeling overwhelmed. It immediately sets me off, especially if I can’t find a quick solution (like sleep, diaper change or food for baby). I’ve got 4 kids and have done lots of odd things to try to get my babies to stop crying, so naturally I made a list for everyone else!

What do you do when your baby keeps crying?

You keep your cool and smile. Right? Hahaha, I’m just kidding. I don’t. I resort to my 3 go to’s of food, sleep and naps. When those don’t work, I start to check off my list.

Please always remember, ask for help if it gets to be too much. I am also here to tell you it’s perfectly fine to put your baby in a safe place (in a crib/bassinet, on the floor) and walk away for 5 minutes. Sometimes babies just need to cry and so do you.

Why is my baby crying?

  • Overstimulation: There’s too much going on around baby and baby is just DONE. Is the TV on? Are you playing music? Is big brother/sister playing with a loud toy? Do you have a loud toy in baby’s face? Ask yourself these questions and go from there. Sometimes finding a quiet space is all baby needs.
  • Understimuated/bored: Yes, on the flip side, baby could be bored. As my twin boys got older, I could sense they wanted more in their face. I bought this little guy and they love to watch him skate around the house! When they were teeny tiny babies, I would turn on white noise for them and that would quiet them almost instantly. I had an app on my phone and use this white noise machine for their rooms.
  • Swaddle: New babies are scared. They just spent 9 months (give or take) inside this warm, quiet(ish) place and were ripped out and expected to just know what to do. They find comfort in being held tightly. So either snuggle that baby tight or get some good swaddle blankets.
  • Swing: One of my twins LOVED his swing. Real talk, he napped in it until he was 6 months old and the only reason why we put an end to it was because he was weighing it down and it wasn’t going fast enough for him.
  • Fresh air: All 4 of my kids would instantly stop crying when we walked outside. Even in the dead middle of winter. Keep a little bunting suit ready to wrap them up and step outside.
  • Teething: Teething is THE WORST. If they’re older, try these tips for teething.

What are your tips for soothing a crying baby? I want to hear them! Tell me in the comments or tag me on Instagram (@mostlyundercontrol) when you’re soothing your little one.

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