Board games for toddlers

Toddlers need to be kept busy! One of the best ways to keep toddlers busy is by playing board games with them. I’ve made a list of board games for toddlers, so check it out and add them to your Amazon shopping list!

Board games for toddlers! A list of great board games for toddlers.

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In my early childhood education Facebook group, we talk monthly about different education related topics. We also post about activities that our kiddos are currently enjoying. I wanted to make a round up for them (and you) about board games for toddlers!

Why should we play board games with toddlers?

Board games for toddlers teach them so much! Colors, numbers, shapes, sharing, taking turns, winning, losing. each board game has a different message and different skills that are being taught.

A lot of board games for little ones can be altered for older siblings to help as well. You can count on your older sibling to teach your toddler how to play them!

Board games for toddlers

  • Hi-Ho Cherry-o: My toddler loves this game! It’s a classic. It works on colors, numbers (one to one correspondence) and basic math.
  • Candy Land: Another great classic, this game focuses more on colors and one-to-one correspondence.
  • ThinkFun Roll and Play: This game focuses on large motor and active play, colors and counting and repeating words. You roll the big plush dice and preform the action that it shows!
  • Chutes and Ladders: How was I going to include Candy Land and not Chutes and Ladders?! This is a super simple game and requires basic counting skills.
  • Let’s Feed the Very Hungry Caterpillar: This is a basic board game that requires some counting knowledge and putting together a simple puzzle.
  • Press Here Game: This board game is based off of the wildly popular (at least in our house) book Press Here. This one works on colors, numbers and patterns. While patterns are a little more advanced, it’s a great first step!

Add these games to your toddlers’ Christmas and Birthday lists and head over to Insagram and tag me (@mostlyundercontrol) when you play them! They are so fun and are a great way to kill time when you’re stuck inside.

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One thought on “Board games for toddlers

  1. Hi! Thanks for this list of board games for little tikes. There’s a fantastic toddler game called “Go Away, Monster!” Instead of a common board, each player gets a puzzle with spaces for 4 pieces. It’s a co-operative game–no one person wins–and it might help children to not be afraid of monsters. Super, super great game.

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