Sidewalk Chalk Games

Summertime is full of tons of playtime opportunities. Sometimes it’s nice that those playtime opportunities are right in your front or backyard. Sidewalk chalk games are a great way to keep your kiddos thinking during the summer months and also keep them active! You can even do these sidewalk chalk games in the Spring time when it starts to get a little nicer out!

Sidewalk chalk games to keep your kiddos busy and learning

Do you need a tutorial on sidewalk chalk paint? Check out this one here that I’ve done – it is really easy and you probably have all of the supplies on hand already.

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Here in the Chicago area, summertime can be brutally hot. Taking full day trips somewhere for fun can feel like a total chore and I hate getting all packed up just to get there and spend a short time because it’s so hot.

Enter at home activities!

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We always have sidewalk chalk on hand for the kids. They can draw whatever they like and can also create games with the sidewalk chalk while playing. It keeps their brains active during summer months and gives me a chance to sit in the grass while they play safely right in front of the house or on the driveway. We’ve even done them on the back deck.

I put together a list of a few sidewalk chalk games we like to do outside and of course they’re adaptable for all ages (my kids are almost 6 and almost 3).

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What are sidewalk chalk games?

Sidewalk chalk games are any games you can play on the sidewalk with chalk. Traditionally, we would play hopscotch but over the years, we’ve become more creative and have added so many different options for sidewalk chalk games.

What games can you play with chalk?

  • Follow the Lines: Create different length lines down the sidewalk or driveway and have your kiddos follow the lines. My oldest is practicing his writing skills by making the lines and my youngest is working on following directions and being aware of her body.
Close up of child walking on chalk lines for sidewalk chalk games
  • Actions/Creative Movement: Create a “game board” (the more squares you use, the longer this will last, but try to remember your kiddos’ attention span abilities too), and write different movement options in each square. Give them a rock or something to throw (that isn’t round because you don’t want it rolling once it lands) and they take turns tossing the rock onto the board.  Perform that action wherever the rock lands. Some movement options are:
    • Jump in place 10 times
    • Spin around in circles
    • Name your favorite food
    • Touch your toes 10 times
    • Roar like a lion
    • Run to the next house and back
    • etc.
Child doing action words as a sidewalk chalk game
  • Bean bag toss: Set up a target (come on, we all know what that looks like 😉 ) and write point amounts in each section. Hand your kids some bean bags, rocks, etc and toss away. This works on math, taking turns, large motor, etc. You can keep score on the ground right next to it!
Child playing sidewalk chalk games - target practice
  • Scavenger Hunt: Write down a few items they might find in the yard with a circle under it. Have them run through the yard to find the items and drop them into the circle.
  • Sight Word Hopscotch: This is more for the older kiddos. You can set up a hopscotch board and instead of numbers, add sight words. This works on sight words, large motor play, taking turns, etc.
Child playing sidewalk chalk games - sight word hopscotch

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