Toddler I-Spy Bag

If you are looking for a simple activity to help a toddler with colors, shapes, fine motor and pretend writing, this is the activity for you! It takes only a few supplies and is ready super quick. The best part is if you have an older sibling, they can play with it, too!

toddler i-spy bag plus ways to include the older sibling for some cooperative play

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Summer is quickly approaching, and if you don’t know already, I am pregnant with twins. I am due in September and am already feeling so guilty about the TV and inside time my kids will probably have this summer to help me avoid being out in the heat and on my feet.

little girl playing with i-spy bag and older sibling writing down their findings

My youngest (almost 3) has a speech delay so when I am getting activities for her I always try to focus on things that will help improve that. While I certainly love my sensory play, I am often looking for non sensory play stuff as well. And anything that both of my kids can do together is a super plus for me also.

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I made this letter I-Spy bag a few summers ago when I was pregnant with my second and wanted to to make up another one. This time focusing on shapes and colors. This new one contains 2 things and takes 2 things to put together.

Toddler I-Spy bag Supplies

  • Rice
  • Small different colored and shaped beads (I got mine at the craft section at the Dollar Tree)
  • Resealable sandwich bag
  • Duct tape

It’s honestly that easy. Pour dry rice and beads into a bag (I put that bag into another bag just to be safe) and zip it closed. Make sure it’s nice and secure by adding duct tape along the edges.

child writing down letters on a white board while searching through a toddler i-spy bag

Big brother helped us because when we would find some beads and say their shape and color, he would write them down on a piece of paper (or a simple white board, like this one) which helps him work on his writing skills and inventive spelling.

As always, here is a list of skills you can work on with this activity:

Skills for Toddler I-Spy bag

  • Fine motor: Moving the bag around and manipulating the beads and rice to get a good look at them.
  • Social
    • Cooperative play: any time you add a sibling, you are working on cooperative play which is so important for toddlers.
    • Turn taking: Let the toddler mix around and then let the older kid mix around.
  • Colors: Talk about the colors of all of the beads in the bag.
  • Shapes: Talk about the shapes of the beads in the bag.
  • Speech: As with any activity, talk, talk, talk!

toddler pointing to items in a toddler i-spy bag

We are heading out of town this weekend for my brother’s wedding so we will probably bring this with for the airplane. Anything to keep the kids busy.

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