Animal Action Dice

Large motor activities are so important – especially in the winter months when you feel like you’re stuck inside all day. Grab this animal action dice printable and get to moving!

Large motor activity indoors is so important - especially when it's too hot or too cold to get out of the house. Enter this animal action dice. Simple to put together (with a video to show you how) and fun for kids! Includes a blank one so you can add what you'd like. #largemotorindoor #largemotorplay #largemotor #indooractivities #indoorplay #siblingactivities #cooperativeplay #takingturns #turntaking #animalaction #animalactiondice #freeprintable

My kiddos love large motor activities and I love easy large motor activities so this one is a win/win for us. They love acting like animals (making their movements and sounds) so I figured this activity would be perfect for us on a “stuck inside” day.

My 2 year old and 5 year old both loved it which is also a win/win because we can all stay busy at once.

Animal action dice

I had the kids take turns rolling the animal action dice (because I always try to work on as many skills as possible when doing these activities!) and we definitely need to be working on turn taking with the 2 year old. Yikes.

animal action dice 0 kids acting like snakes

It took a little pushing to get my 2 year old to do it (for whatever reason. I function a lot better if I don’t try to figure out why or why not she does certain things) but my 5 year old was all over it.

animal action dice - kids acting like animals

Grab your free downloads here!

Putting it together is super easy, and you can see a quick video on my Facebook page. All you need is the paper, scissors and tape.

As always, here is a list of skills you can work on during this activity

Animal Action Dice

  • Turn taking
  • Reading
  • Learning facts about animals
    • Grab your phone or computer and search for a random fact about the animal that comes up.
  • Large motor movement
  • Fine motor
    • Hand eye coordination

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