Toddler Sorting Activity

This toddler sorting activity addresses lots of skills and is super easy to put together. I even adapted it to add my 5 year into it as well.

Toddler sorting activity - super easy to put together and works on so many math skills!

It’s cold outside. So we have been focusing on some indoor activities for the kiddos. We’ve done large motor, literacy/math for my older kiddo and now we’ve done a toddler sorting activity for my 2 year old.

This activity is so easy to put together! My 2 year old actually was able to help me put it together (this wasn’t planned. But as we all know, toddlers don’t care at all about what is planned and what isn’t planned.

Toddler Sorting Activity Supplies

  • Foam stickers
  • Index cards
  • Craft sticks
  • Scissors
  • Glue stick
  • Small plastic cups

I found my stickers at the Dollar Tree (duh). They also had princess ones but my daughter is more of a glittery dinosaur kind of kid.

glitter dinosaur stickers for toddler sorting activity

Take your foam stickers and place them onto the note cards. I did this activity the first time and just put the stickers on the craft sticks but it showed exposed parts of the sticky on the back and they were all sticking together! So this was my second (and much more successful) attempt.

Put one of each design to the side because you’re going to stick them to the outside of a cup to do the sorting.

Blue glitter dinosaur foam stickers on a white notecard.

This was one of the steps that my 2 year old was able to assist. She really enjoyed pulling the stickers off of their sheet and putting them onto the cards. We did end up losing one in the process. (RIP palm tree).

After we were done placing all the dinos, I used my scissors and cut around them. Then we took our glue stick and glued them to the craft sticks.

A toddler hand using a glue stick to attach the sticker to the craft stick for a toddler sorting activity

After we glued them all on, we were ready to play!

I laid out all of the cups and would hand her a few at a time and have her sort them.

a toddler hand sorting a pink glitter dinosaur sticker into a clear plastic cup.

Here’s how we worked on the activity:

  • Math
    • Sort them!
    • Count how many are in each group.
    • Count how many different groups.
    • Let her choose from 2 or 3 in your hand and ask her to take “2 yellows.”
  • Social:
    • Turn taking. We played this with my 5 year old also.
    • Following directions. I gave her 2 different colors and told her to pick a certain color and hand it to her brother.
  • Fine Motor:
    • Helping set up the activity by using the glue stick and placing the stickers on the card.
  • Colors:
    • Name the colors you are placing
    • Give her a few options and have her choose a certain color.
3 glitter stickers on craft sticks - pink, yellow and blue.
5 cups with various glitter stickers on craft sticks. green palm trees, purple dinosaurs, pink dinosaurs, yellow dinosaurs and blue dinosaurs

Are you using it another way? Let me know in the comments!

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