50 Household Items You Can Use To Paint

Did you know there are tons of household items you can use to paint? They can be found in the kitchen, bathroom, play room, etc. Read on to find out more!

50 household items you can use to paint - with a video! There are tons of things around your house you could use to paint and here is a printable list of 50 of them. Grab the washable paint and let your kids go at it! #paintingathome #paintbrushalternatives #painting #paint #paintingwithtoddlers #paintingwithpreschoolers #paintingforfun #processnotproduct

Disclaimer: When I wrote this post in 2017, I had 2 kids who were 5 and 2. I didn’t know how easy I had it. Fast forward to late 2018 when I found out I was pregnant with TWINS. These activities became few and far between.

Over the next few years, I found joy in helping moms find their self-care routine that works for them. You can find my 6 step self-care assessment post here.

My name is Melanie and I am your Self-Care Advocate for the Modern Mom.

How does this relate to self-care for moms?

I know it seems really odd to be flying in here with some tips about self-care. You were looking for items to use to paint! But, now that I’m in the self-care space, I know that sometimes the only time we can grab some moments of peace is when our kids are busy.

Enter activities they can do next to you. You can set them up at the table, outside, on the floor on a towel. Any of these places are great ideas, as long as you’re right there.

After setting them up, you can get yourself ready to listen to a podcast, read a book, or just drink your hot coffee and zone out.

Why is self-care for moms important?

Self-care for moms is what keeps us going. It allows us to turn our brains off and focus on what’s in front of us. These moments of taking care of ourselves when the kids are around are called moments of self-preservation. You can’t hand the kids off to someone but you have the ability to keep them busy so you can focus on yourself.

Is taking care of ourselves when the kids are home enough self-care?

In my opinion, no. Keeping them occupied with a screen or a fun activity is really nice to incorporate in your day, but it shouldn’t be it. There are 3 keys to good, quality self-care.

  1. Getting out of the house.
  2. Doing something for yourself.
  3. Not being responsible for the kids.

Making sure you check these 3 boxes will really allow you to turn off your brain and focus on yourself and the purpose of your self-care.


What is the purpose of self-care for moms?

The purpose is to be yourself outside of Mom and feel refreshed and recharged when you return. The self-care is genuinely meant for us, not them. When we return, they’re going to be the same. The self-care allows us to return and be ready to face the really hard parts of caregiving.

How can I make sure my self-care is effective?

You can start by taking my 6 step self-care assessment and learn about your current self-care routines and habits.

The assessment will also walk you through solutions if you’re missing out on some of the 6 key parts to a good self-care routine and habits.

Well, without further ado, here is your list you were actually trying to track down! I do hope to see you over in my email, signing up for the 6 part self-care assessment.

50 Different Household Items Your Kids Can Use to Paint

1. Spatula
2. Fork
3. Pastry brush
4. Potato masher
5. Bottom of a peanut butter jar
6. Lid of a peanut butter jar
7. Pieces of pasta (wet or dry)
8. Plastic cups
9. Tin foil crumpled up
10. Straw (blow into it onto wet paint)
11. Q-tips
12. Apple (cut in half or the bottom)
13. Cotton balls (use clothespins if your kiddo doesn’t like getting super messy)
14. Toy cars
15. Golf ball (place your paper in a box and drop the golf ball onto wet paint on the paper and roll around the golf ball)
16. Pencil Eraser
17. Dice
18. Marker cap
19. Pipe cleaners
20. Crumpled up plastic wrap
21. Sponge
22. Wooden skewer
23. Fingers
24. Yarn
25. Leaves
26. Loofa
27. Cosmetic sponge
28. Dental floss
29. Nail brush
30. Wine corks
31. Bubble wrap
32. Toothbrush
33. Toothpick
34. Cut up pool noodle
35. Cupcake liner clipped on a clothespin
36. Ice cubes
37. Icing knife
38. Credit card
39. Crumpled paper towels
40. Dry beans
41. Rice wrapped in panty hose
42. Hair brush
43. Comb
44. Rubber stamps
45. Paper towel/toilet paper roll
46. Dish sponge
47. Alphabet blocks
48. Legos
49. Shaped magnets
50. Dryer sheets (held by a clothespin)

I am willing to bet you have most (if not all) of these things already in your house. Ok, maybe not the panty hose (if you’re anything like me) but you can find something similar for sure!

Enjoy making messes! 😉

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