Infinity Jar Review

I have a confession.

I love (and believe in) essential oils. I went a long time trying to avoid them. But then they helped my husband stop snoring. So I was hooked.

Randomly, as I started using them, Infinity Jars emailed me and asked if I could do a review on some of their products. So I chose what I wanted and they sent me these rollerballs for my oils.

As soon as they came, I filled them up. I did 2 diaper rash blends because at the time, Reagan had a real bad diaper rash. One stayed at home and one stayed in my purse.

Then I did a blend for Dylan of Roman Chamomile for calming. I am now “that mom” that whips out her oils when I know he is feeling anxious.

The first thing I loved (and noticed) about these bottles is that they come with labels. The labels are reusable and they stick to the bottle. I don’t have to guess which bottle is which.

The color is pretty, but it also has a purpose. It blocks out visible light which keeps its contents fresh for a super long time. They have more than roller balls – all kinds of kitchen glass jars.

They fit so neatly in my diaper pouch in my purse – and they don’t leak. Which is awesome!

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