Grocery List Staples

We have all been there. You just got home from work and you have zero desire to make dinner. Less than zero desire. But you are trying to be responsible so ordering pizza or picking up food just isn’t an option.  I know, first world problems.

I am there much more often than I’d like to admit – and I meal plan monthly. Someone asked in my recipe group for suggestions on easy meals to keep on hand when you’re in that exact situation. The lightbulb went off in my head and I decided to write a blog post with some ideas. Because I have staples that I grab at the grocery store when I do my monthly grocery shopping. Of course, I wanted to share. They’re great meals for when you don’t feel like cooking something extravagant (ie, more than 4 ingredients) or you forgot to thaw your meat (happens to be at least twice a week – I need a better system) or (which happened to us all the time) you have a crabby baby who needs your full attention.

Side note, if you are an organic/healthy eating family, some of these may not be for you, or you might have to make some modifications. If you shop at Costco, a lot of them are offered there in their organic version. I divided it into 2 lists – Frozen to Oven Foods and Pantry Foods. A lot of the Frozen to Oven Foods can be homemade and then frozen or store bought.

Frozen to Oven foods to Keep on Hand
-Frozen ravioli (meat or cheese)
-Frozen meatballs (we serve it with pasta, rice or mashed potatoes – Costco has a great all natural instant mashed potato mix)
-Frozen pasta skillet meals
-Frozen burritos (Costco has a great breakfast burrito)
-Pizza (always on our monthly meal plan at least once)
-Shredded chicken
-Hot dogs
-Bacon (for brinner)
-Frozen waffles
-Frozen fish filets

Pantry items for quick meals
-Canned soup
-Powdered “just add milk or water” soups
-Dry pasta and jarred cheese pasta sauce
-Red pasta sauce – I always have at least 2 jars
-Spaghettio’s (I told you this wasn’t healthy town)
-Alfredo sauce
-Cans of beans and tomatoes and DIY chili seasoning
-Corn bread mix

Sometimes I put these meals on my monthly meal plan and sometimes I don’t. It all depends on how much grocery shopping I can do!

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