2 Ingredient Moon Sand

This 2-ingredient moon sand is ridiculously easy and works well in keeping your sensory loving kids busy while you sip your hot coffee.

2 ingredient sensory moon sand

When I taught preschool, sensory play was my favorite to plan. I loved watching the kids explore and I loved digging into it, too.

Now that I am no longer teaching and am a mother to 4 kids, I realize how unrealistic sensory play can be. But this 2-ingredient moon sand is very easy and your kids can play with it right next to you while you sip your hot coffee, eat a good lunch or read your latest book.

Daily Self-Care is actually easy

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Daily Self-Care isn’t enough though

We engage in daily self-care to make sure that we’re prioritizing ourselves and keeping our energy level sustained. Then we have time to schedule the out of the house self-care that we deserve. Dinner with friends, work out classes, weekends away, etc.

Isn’t Moon Sand messy?

It is – but let me tell you something. If you want the break during the day to focus on yourself, you’re going to have to clean up messes for some of the activities. Go into it knowing that’s going to happen. Mindset bullshit!

Have a non-messy independent play activity lined up next so you can clean it up. Nap time, screen time, puzzles, etc.

2-ingredient Moon Sand Ingredients

  • 4 cups all-purpose flour
  • 1/2 cup baby oil
  • (optional) essential oils

Mix it all together. That’s it. I told you this was crazy easy! I found it easiest to mix it with my hands.

Careful with kids/babies who put things in their mouths, obviously. If you’re leaving them unattended, it’s best for kids preschool age or older. You know your kids best!

Birds eye view of moon sand in a glass bowl with a red spoon, yellow fork and blue knife. The bowl is sitting on a red placemat and on a red outdoor deck.

It is very messy (as you can see above) so play with it where you don’t mind picking up the mess.

    My son (who was 4 at the time) would play with this for so long. We added utensils, superhero toys, etc. The moon sand washes off pretty easily after you’re done playing with it, too.

    This is just one great independent play activity you could set your kids up with while you spend some time for yourself!

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    5 thoughts on “2 Ingredient Moon Sand

    1. This blog was… how do you say it? Relevant!! Finally I’ve found something that helped me.
      Thanks a lot!

    2. This is a really cool idea for older kids! But raw flour should not be consumed because the bacteria in it can make you very sick (it even says so on the bag of flour). So I wouldn’t recommend letting babies or toddlers who still like to put things in their mouth play with this. Not sure how it can affect animals but to be safe I would keep it away from them as well. I hope your 4 year old had fun with it!!

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