What I found while Cleaning my Craft Room

The other night, I took one look at my craft room and knew I had to do something. It looked like Hobby Lobby lost its lunch in there. It was out of control.

When I feel this way, I usually clean for about 30 minutes and call it a day. But not this time.

I took one look at it and knew that I needed to do more. I cleaned and cleaned and cleaned. I sold things and I donated things. As I dug I found something super important.

Motivation. (cue cheesy music)

Stay with me here.

I have always wanted to have a craft room. We bought this house and I decided I wanted to turn my craft room into a craft room that people pin on Pinterest. The clean, white, organized craft room.

And you know what? I plan on following through with this one this time.

I am picturing lots of white with gray walls. A pegboard on the wall to hang small tools. A painted pegboard with my signature teal and yellow. A cozy corner with a floor work space for my kids and me with a spot to hang their art work. I have goosebumps just thinking about it.

No more moving from one desk to the other.

No more moving from one room to the other.

I am tossing out.

I am donating.

I am selling.

Get ready (Ikea). Cause here I come. Stay tuned.


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