DIY Glitter Slime

We love sensory activities in this house. If you read my blog regularly (thanks, mom!) you’ll know that. I truly believe it helps Dylan control his emotions and behaviors. I sense better behaviors in him if he’s had sensory play that day and very little (or no) TV. Whether it’s play-doh, clay, shaving cream (he requests that one A LOT), one of his sensory bins, the hair gel bags that sit on our back door, whatever. He usually requests at least 1 a day. I never say no because I know it helps him regulate.

So, with that being said, that is why I do so many sensory activities! And this one is no exception.

I used to make this all the time when I taught preschool, but for whatever reason, I never added color. No idea why. Seems so simple, right? Right.

What you’ll need for this gak is:

*1 part Elmer’s glue (you can use clear or white. If you’re adding glitter, I recommend using clear)
*1 part Sta-Flo liquid starch (Found mine at Wal-Mart)
*Food coloring (I also have read that you can use acrylic paint and liquid watercolor paint, but I haven’t tried)

Empty the glue bottle into a bowl. Add the glitter and food coloring / paint and mix together (I used a craft stick)

Fill the empty glue bottle with liquid starch and add it to the glue / glitter mixture.

Mix it all around until it’s all combined. You may need to add glue if the liquid starch doesn’t seem to be blending or add liquid starch if it’s too sticky. I found that I needed more glue than liquid starch. I’ve seen it go both ways.

You could put other little things into this, too. Sequins, pony beads, whatever (obviously just be careful with choking).

Dylan really likes to put his “little guys” into it. They sink down and leave marks in the gak.

I really like that it keeps him occupied and it’s an option other than TV.

Keep this stored in an air tight container (or zip-loc bag).

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