Dinosaur Ice Fossils

It. Is. Hot.

Super hot.

Not as bad as last year though because I’m NOT 7 months pregnant.

Anyway, when it’s hot out, I like to find activities that involve ice. We did our ice painting and I had another idea that came to. I decided to freeze Dylan’s little dinosaurs in some ice in our trusty silicone mold and let him explore.

The set up was super easy. I just plopped the dinosaurs at different angles in each little spot and then covered them with water.

They didn’t fit all the way, but that’s okay.

I froze them and then we took them outside for play time. Dylan chipped away at them with his clay tools and we soaked them in water to see if water would help them melt faster. Of course, in true Dylan fashion, this turned into quite the science experiment.


First, he tried to figure out how to get them to melt faster. To my surprise, his first decision was to add them to the bowl of water I gave him. I gave him all these supplies and all I told him was “try to get the dinosaurs out of the ice.”

Then he began dumping them from bucket to bucket because he noticed that it was making them melt.


Then he put them back into their “homes.” And double fisted with the tools.



And in true Reagan fashion, the ice (and dinosaurs) went right into her mouth. I think she is teething right now so pretty much everything goes in her mouth and this was no exception – especially since they were cold.

This kept Dylan busy for at least an hour while he watched all of them melt.

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