Baby Sensory Water Bag

Babies love to explore. Check out this very easy activity you can do for them – a baby sensory water bag. It only uses a few supplies and works on a lot of skills for baby.
Baby sensory water bag - so easy to put together!


I use capital letters to yell because it makes me sad. I am that crazy lady who cries while packing away her kids’ clothes or picking up diapers in one size up. I don’t like it. I want my kid to stay babies forever.

Now, she isn’t fully crawling, but she scoots on her stomach and army crawls all over the house. Everywhere. Her favorite things to play with are the DVD’s, brother’s super heroes (which he is actually really good about and doesn’t care), shoes…basically anything that’s on the floor that isn’t meant for her. Pretty standard, right?

She is losing interest in being in her walker because it confines her. And (say it with me now) “nobody puts baby in a corner.”

I always said I would do fun sensory activities for Reagan because honestly, I think since she stays home with me, she misses out on all the fun school stuff that Dylan got to do when he was a baby. But unfortunately, I have been slacking big time. I did her sensory board and the hair gel bags but that occupied her only for so long. So, back to the drawing board.

I created this baby sensory water bag and she loved this one! She could pick it up and I didn’t mind because she was still getting the experience. This also gave her some time to work on her trunk strength by lifting up her head and using her neck muscles.

Baby Sensory Water Bag Supplies:

*Gallon sized ziploc freezer bag (you can use the storage kind but freezer bags are more sturdy)
*Baby oil (I used 6.5 oz from the Dollar Tree)
*Food coloring
*Glass vase fillers (got mine at the Dollar Tree)
*Glitter (3 pack at the Dollar Tree)
*Duct tape (also purchased at the Dollar Tree)


Here’s the glitter:

glitter used for a baby sensory water bag

And here’s the gems:

gems for a baby sensory water bag

Place all items into the Ziploc bag in this order: baby oil (I used the whole bottle), food coloring (I used 50 drops of green), water (3 capfulls of the baby oil), glass gems, glitter.  BOOM.

Seal the bag while removing as much air as possible.

Seal the edges with duct tape.

Ta da! Let baby go to town. Please, please supervise because you never know if they can rip this open with their little nails and you do not want those gems in their mouth! You could “double bag” it if you wanted to.

Baby just learning what a baby sensory water bag is
Baby exploring a baby sensory water bag
Baby squishing a baby sensory water bag
Baby on her stomach playing with a sensory water bag
Baby squeezing baby sensory water bag
Baby playing with baby sensory water bag

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3 thoughts on “Baby Sensory Water Bag

  1. I want to try this. But is it safe for the baby to bite or try to bite the plastic?

    1. Hi Dea! I wouldn’t recommend it – this is why you should always stay by baby’s side.

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