DIY Garbage Disposal Tabs

 My garbage disposal stinks. And I’m sure yours does too. If you tell me it doesn’t, I am calling you a liar.

I used to buy these little things that you drop into your disposal to make them smell fresh. But I ran out and couldn’t find them at the store anymore. I also knew I could make them at home because I have loads of baking soda (like, pounds. Thank you, Costco!) and baking soda is life when you are trying to clean at home.

I have a silicone candy cup mold that I use for home stuff (no food) so I busted that out for my molds. It has 12 cavity holes and this recipe filled it perfectly.

*1 cup baking soda
*1/2 cup salt
*3 tablespoons plain castile soap (I got mine at Target and it lasts a pretty long time)
*About 1/4 cup water
*Essential oils (I used about 15 drops of sweet orange and 15 drops of lemon)

Mix together baking soda and salt in a medium sized bowl.

Add castile soap and mix well.

Add the water in tablespoon increments. I ended up using about 1/4 of a cup. You want it to be the consistency of wet sand that you can clump together. A little bit more moldable than good sand castle sand.

Add your essential oils and mix well.

Divide up the mixture into your molds (you can also put them into a tablespoon and drop them onto parchment paper).

Pack them super, super tight! The smaller you make them, the quicker they will be ready.

Let them dry in a cool, dry place. Which in Illinois in May is, like, nowhere. I made these on a rainy day so they took about 3 days to dry out completely. I put them into our spare room (which made the room smell nice and fresh!) and shut the door.

When you feel like your sink is getting smelly, just drop one in and run the disposal with hot water. I am so glad I made some to keep at home and don’t have to keep buying them from the store. They do work just as well. I store them in a mason jar (because I bought an entire case for my Memorial Day party decor) on the counter by the sink.

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