Easy Hair Gel Sensory Bags

Sensory play is a hot topic around here. I love sensory bins, sensory bottles and these hair gel sensory bags. They’re great for all ages, as my 8 month old and 3.5 year old loved them!

Photo of child playing with colorful hair gel attached to a back door window.

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One of my favorite things to write about is sensory play. I love to add it into our daily routine because Dylan loves it. It is really obvious when he needs it and usually when he gets it, his attitude changes. I’m always the first to suggest it in my mommy groups for toddlers who “misbehave.” People who aren’t in education usually think I’m crazy (among other reasons also, I’m sure) but I often times hear people come back and say how it was a great idea. When I taught, the sensory center was always my most favorite center to plan. Kids could get lost in there! Heck, I could get lost in some good sensory play!

Like most of my projects, all of my supplies for these hair gel sensory bags were purchased at The Dollar Tree except the sandwich bags and food coloring, because I already had that on hand.

Supplies for hair gel sensory bags

  • Sandwich bags
  • Food coloring
  • Clear (or any color) hair gel
  • Packing tape

All we did was squirt some hair gel into some sandwich bags and added a few drops of food coloring.

Photo of a child squirting yellow hair gel into a sandwich bag.

Then you let out all the extra air and zip it shut. After I pried it from Dylan’s hands, I taped them up on the back door. The sun will look so cool shining through the colors!

Photo of 4 sandwich bags attached to a sliding glass door filled with  green, red, purple and yellow colored hair gel.

He loves to write letters in them, squish them, put his hand prints in them.

A child pushing against a bag of blue hair gel against a sliding glass door.

I also propped Reagan up to check them out. So not only does this allow her to do sensory play, but it is working on her trunk strength and core muscles to attempt to stand on her own. And she is none the wiser 🙂

Photo of a baby pressing against a yellow sensory bag with hair gel and a purple sensory bag with hair gel.

So, this is a great activity for both ages. I often times see Dylan running over there to get some sensory things going. Reagan needs help, but she loves it too.

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5 thoughts on “Easy Hair Gel Sensory Bags

  1. How did you get the bags to stay on the window??

    1. Hi Kenzie! I taped them to the door with packing tape 🙂

  2. Any gel would work, right…such as the two bottles of aloe Vera gel, I just threw out last week 🤦🏾‍♀️?

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