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As some of you may or may not know, I often times do custom orders for people. I really try to do everything. I compiled a few of the ones I’ve done and thought I’d do a blog post on it so people can see the types of things that I have created.

If you stumble across something on Pinterest and do not want to attempt it, or you tried to attempt it but failed miserably and need someone to do it for you or possibly fix it, let me know! Chances are I’ve done it…or at least tried 😉
First up (something I may actually add to my shop), snack cups! I did these for a good friend for her son’s 1st birthday. He is a snacker, for sure, so he needs to stake his claim on his food!

A while ago, I made a stool for Dylan for the kitchen because he loves to watch me (“help” me) cook in the kitchen. He also is learning how to wash his hands and face on his own and needs a little boost. I posted it to my Facebook page and a friend said she needed one for her girls! So I changed the colors a little bit for them. I am hesitant to add these to my shop because of shipping. It costs a pretty penny to ship and needs a good amount of padding.

I have sold a few ring dishes on Etsy as well, but this one I made for my good friend from college. Her wedding colors are purple but I asked first if she was okay with them because by the time my wedding happened, I couldn’t stand blue and brown anymore (still can’t, and it’s been 7 years!). I was SO SICK of seeing them!

Here is a ring dish I sold on Etsy as well. She wanted blue, turquoise and glow in the dark (it was for a man). I’ll be honest, at first I didn’t think the colors would go well together, but they looked awesome. And you can’t see a lot of the glow in the dark but when you turn the lights out, it flows through the whole thing. It is so cool!

This is one of my favorites. My sister is a special education teacher and they did a photo booth as a fundraiser for Special Olympics. It focused on respect, integrity and kindness. The kids used these white boards to show their favorite “R word” as part of Special Olympic’s “Spread the Word to End the Word” campaign. They had so much fun being creative and goofy. The ended up raising almost $150 in 3 days! I added vinyl to their white boards to say “My R-Word is” & “#RespectCity.”

I used to do wedding invitations but closed my Etsy shop. It was just so competitive. So now I just do them by word of mouth. Someone recommended me in a mom’s group for some birthday invites that were firefighter themed and this is what we did!

So, if there’s some sort of creative project you’ve wanted to try but don’t have the time or don’t think you have the skills, shoot me a message! 🙂

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